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Foldable Scooter To Go


First time I saw the concept of this foldable scooter, I thought it was one of those things that might be reality in about 50 years. But no, this will be very much reality in the near future! The city scooter, Moveo weighs as much as a regular e-bike (about 25 kg), it is foldable and so it does not need any parking spot. It can be folded in two minutes – without getting greasy fingers – and the seat can be taken off to carry it as a rucksack. If this is not ingenious, then I really do not know what is . . .

The company behind Moveo foldable scooter is the Antro Group (Alternative Resources and Vehicles Development), a Hungarian company specialized in development of environment-friendly means of transportation. Vision of the company is to develop concepts using state-of-the-art materials and technologies to substantially reduce the weight of vehicles while keeping safety and comfort level very high that we are generally accustomed to. “Antro’s mission is to create a truly human and environmentally friendly, full value alternative to current means of transport – that is developed and manufactured in Hungary.”

One of the recent concepts developed by experts at Antro Group is Moveo, the ultra-light foldable electric scooter made of light carbon fiber composite body in an organic shape design. Moveo is considered as a new class on the scooter market due to its foldable characteristic. In terms of its technical aspects, Moveo is about as light as an e-bike, however it can speed up to 35-45 km/h and in its folded state it is as big as a suitcase. Due to its foldable nature, Moveo does not necessarily need a parking spot and can also be transported with other means of transportation such as cars, vans, yachts, etc. Furthermore, it has electric built-in motors in both wheels, it charges within one hour and lasts for a distance of approx. 35 km (2 kWh/100 km), while battery life is estimated at about 35.000 km.

Production start is scheduled for 2014 in Hungary and the short-term target price of Moveo is said to be about EUR 3.200 in the first year. However, on the mid-term – given the higher number of ordered and produced units and lower average costs – price will be reduced to about EUR 2.400, which is clearly a competitive price point compared to the currently available e-bikes. Having said that, the time of trendsetters has come, if they want to stay ahead of the pack: Moveo already has an order list and takes further pre-orders for its first lot of production. Potential customers can contact the company via email.

In order to finalize the Moveo development as well as to start the serial production in a manufacturing plant in Hungary, Antro Group is in talks with potential partners and offers an exciting investment opportunity to interested investors. Given the intellectual property legal protection of the Moveo design, technology as well as its foldable nature by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), for competitors and/or copy cats the barrier to enter this niche market is very high. Currently, Moveo is the sole player in the foldable electric scooter segment and thanks to its visually pleasing look & feel as well as its environment-friendly nature it is very likely that it will be a sought-after lifestyle product among urban people.

Target group is considered wide as Moveo can serve the needs of commuters by car or public transport, tourists driving mobile homes and caravans, yacht owners, hotels, charter ships, rental companies, big floor-space business and service units – just to mention a few – and of course city residents, whose apartments come without a protected garage space. Moveo will be available in different colors – such as mustard yellow, blue, silver and black – to match clients’ lifestyles. Environment-friendly transportation is part of the worldwide mega trends and personally I think this could definitely be the next big thing on the electricity driven means of transport market. Although my next article tomorrow will cover a similar initiative – so stay tuned . . .

For more information please visit the website or for regular updates join their Facebook page. In case you are interested in this investment opportunity or would like to place your pre-order, please contact the company here.

Source of images: courtesy of Antro Group.

Antro_Moveo_2 Antro_Moveo_3 Antro_Moveo_4 Antro_Moveo_5 Antro_Moveo_6 Antro_Moveo_7 Antro_Moveo_8 Antro_Moveo_9 Antro_Moveo_10 Antro_Moveo_11


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