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Although the brand Dora Abodi was founded about four years ago, somehow it feels like it has been around for much longer. It is not only the result of the high brand visibility, but also of the sophisticated collections. Dora Abodi clothing and accessories are usually statement pieces, rich in embellishment and / or patterns, designed for ladies with strong personality, who like to attract attention and prefer feminine silhouettes. This very characteristic concept of Dora Abodi is also present in the Spring – Summer 2013 collection that was named as ‘The Golden Child’.

“The collection was inpired by Transilvanian folk motives, mostly animal motives, reinterpreted and mixed in a new way, turned into macaroon colored custom prints from tip to toe. Custom prints arise from an extensive research of authentic Transylvanian folk patterns, and result in mostly rustic and naïve, in some places grotesque figures. The rustic patterns combined with pierced, punched and geometric leather cut-out items form a sophisticated, playful, feminine, sunny and optimistic spring-summer look. Clean-tailored shapes, the dominant, vibrant prints, and the semi-precious stone and pearl embellishments create a novel contrast which dissolves in soft, spring colors. The eyelets and hand cut-out leather dresses, jackets and tops give a multilayer transparency, which continues in using the finest, spider’s web thin silk muslins or metallic silk chiffons.” – as the designer explains her source of inspiration and theme of this recent collection.

Founded in 2009 by Dora Abodi, the brand had a fulminant start and has been successfully expanding since. Dora, who has grown up in an artistic family, is a former law school graduate. She had recognized already during her legal studies though that she is more attracted to the aesthetic side of life and enjoys this field very much. Shortly after changing her career path to where her heart was at, it became very obvious that she has made the right decision. Dora completed her studies with honors at the French Mod’art International Art and Fashion Academy. Already the first collection was acknowledged internationally and received invitations to show e.g. at Nolcha Fashion Week in New York. Beside the regular seasonal collections, Dora has also collaborated with a Swiss online retailer on a capsule swimming collection and worked on a special project with Swarovski Elements – just to name a couple.

Dora’s outstanding creations did not remain unnoticed as she received several prestigious industry awards such as the first prize of Design am Rhein designer contest of the Düsseldorf Fashion Academy or the Hungarian Fashion Award. In 2012 she won Woman of the Year – best designer prize of Glamour magazine and was nominee on Independent Handbag Designer Awards in best overall design category with her signature round studded bag, called the Carpathian Warrior bag. To further polish her skills and knowledge in and around the design & fashion industry, in January 2013 Dora moved to Milan to complete her Master degree at the re-known Domus Academy.

Dora Abodi is a very determined, hard-working person with a clear vision and she gets things done in record time. Having found her unique style early enough is of course a huge plus that she can build on now and in the future. Her experimental and divine creations from season to season are bold enough to stand out from the average, however they are also subtle enough to be mixed and styled in the following seasons. She is definitely one of the talents on the Hungarian fashion horizon, who we will hear a lot from in the future, too.

For more information please visit Dora Abodi’s website or her Facebook page.

Source of information: Dora Abodi’s courtesy.

Below interview (Dora Abodi: The Success Story) is available only in Hungarian.

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