The 100th Post

This is the 100th post on Hungarian Success Stories and it happens to be that the site went live just about six months ago, end of September 2012. It has been a truly exciting and emotional journey, and I am very thankful to all of you for your amazing support. The feedback we receive is overwhelming and under ‘we‘ I am mean the featured brands, companies and all their innovations, designs and concepts featured on this blog.

At the beginning I was ‘warned‘, not to post too frequently, because we might run out of topics quickly. As determined and goal-oriented I am, I did not listen, just followed my instincts. And guess what? There is an even longer list of candidates that should be featured here: the deeper we dig, the more we find and it is amazing! It is just a question of my limited time that stops me from posting even more frequently.

I have been thinking about how to make the 100th post a bit special and went through our Facebook page, Tumblr and Pinterest sites to see what has been mentioned there, but has not yet made it to this site. So I decided to dedicate this special anniversary post to those success stories that have been featured elsewhere and not yet here. Are you ready for the ride? Here we go:

SIAL_winner_PLP_SeafoodSIAL – the world’s #1 food exhibition – took place in Paris in October 2012. It attracted approx. 140’000 visitors and 6000 exhibitors from about 100 countries. The Budapest based fish & sea food vendor – PLP Seafood Ltd – won the most coveted SIAL Global d’Or Award of the industry, in the category ‘fresh non-diary products’ with its innovative oven-ready product: Trout with Herb Butter from the SELFISH® product family. (Photo by


No. 2 tram line in Budapest was ranked 7th on the list of Top 10 Trolley Rides worldwide by National Geographic Travel in October 2012. “Trams are still very much part of everyday life in Budapest, which has a total of 96 miles (155 kilometers) of tram routes. On the Pest side of the city, the #2 tram follows the curve of the Danube River. This is the best way to see the Parliament building up close and the panorama of Buda Castle across the river. Sit on the side nearest the river for the best views.” (Photo by Mark aka Pnooid00)

In December 2012 folk art of the Matyó, embroidery of a traditional Hungarian community, was inscribed on UNESCO’s Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. “The folk art of the Roman Catholic Matyó community in and around the town of Mezőkövesd in north-eastern Hungary is characterized by floral motifs that are found in flat-stitch embroidery and ornamented objects. Matyó embroidery decorates the traditional dress of the region, worn by local people in celebratory events and in folk dancing and singing. The floral motifs have played a crucial part in strengthening the self-image and identity of the Matyó community and are employed in interior decoration, contemporary fashion and architecture, in addition to embroidery. Community members established the Matyó Folk Art Association in 1991 to transmit the skills of embroidery and organize numerous cultural events and performances. In its Borsóka Embroidery Circle, anyone can learn the art, techniques and motifs of embroidery from experienced masters. In its Folk Dance Ensemble, members wear the finely embroidered traditional costumes, thereby contributing to their perpetuation. The national popularity of Matyó embroidery has made it into a form of auxiliary income, enabling women to buy the fine fabrics and supplies necessary for making elaborate costumes. Most often practised as a communal activity, embroidery strengthens interpersonal relationships and community cohesion, while allowing for individual artistic expression.”

Also in December 2012 I came across the rehearsal video of a fabulous presentation of Hungarian symbols and well-recognisable monuments performed by Attr.action Black Light and Shadow Theatre in their play “Hungary in four minutes”. The fascinating Black Light Theatre is a revolutionary, brand new dance-theatre entering a totally new dimension in the theatre genre.

100th_post_3_Karton_KaracsonyfaJust right before Christmas – so a little bit late for a single post – I was introduced to Karton Karácsonyfa (in English: Carton Christmas Tree) designed and developed for those who prefer an environmentally friendly Christmas tree made of recycled carton. This special Christmas ‘tree’ can be painted & decorated nicely and it definitely will not lose its needles, hence less hassle after Christmas . . . (Photo by Karton Karácsonyfa)

Artists dance at the main square of Pecs

In January 2013 the New York Times came up with a list of “The 46 Places To Go In 2013” and listed Pécs as a ‘must visit’ city. “This Hungarian city, 125 miles south of Budapest and a stone’s throw from the Croatian border, has always been at the intersection of Catholic, Muslim and Hungarian-Croatian cultures. Its narrow lanes are lined with buildings in myriad styles, from the Baroque designs of the 19th-century Habsburgs — in pinks and yellows, dappled with carved ornamentation or covered in Hungarian tile — to an Ottoman bathhouse and other remnants of the Turkish occupation. After being chosen as a 2010 European Culture Capital, the city underwent a growth spurt, with the opening of the modernist 1,000-seat Kodaly Concert Center and the sprawling Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, a venue for art, music and children’s events in an overhauled porcelain factory. Everywhere, visitors will find buffed and burnished public squares awaiting them.” (Photo by Agence France-Presse–Getty Images via New York Times)

100th_post_5_Balaton Sound

Mid January 2013 the best European music festivals, artists and promoters of 2012 were revealed during a sold-out ceremony in Groeningen, Netherlands at the European Festival Awards eventBalaton Sound Festival in Hungary was voted as the Best Medium-Sized Festival. (Note: Balaton Sound is the younger sister of last year’s Best Major European Festival, Sziget.) The next Balaton Sound Festival takes place July 11-14, 2013 – about one month before the legendary Sziget festivities start. (Photo by Balaton Sound)

January 29, 2013 at Midem in Cannes Team Red advertising agency from Budapest won Gold in the category “Best Use Of Music/Partnership With An Artist In A Marketing Campaign” with the “Yonderboi / Vodafone – Soundmapping” project. Winner: Zoltan Istvánffy, Creative Director, Team Red (Hungary).


András Baranyai, Hungarian graphic designer’s work was chosen as the official logo & poster of the Italian Giffoni Film Festival for children & young people end of January 2013.

This multiple award-winner animated short film directed by Tünde Molnár (graduation film) I Am Simon debuted in 2010. It is an extremely intersting short film featuring Simon (the dog) and his friends having their daily run together until one of them gets injured badly… :( The film does not really have a happy end, but it definitely makes you think and has a great animation & script. It is an absolutely ‘must watch a few times’ type of short film. ♥

100th_post_7_NewYorkCafe_BudapestBeginning of February 2013 UCityGuides released its list of ‘Top 10 Most Beautiful Cafes In The World’. The top of the list is led by the New York Cafe in Budapest“This Budapest legend was the meeting place of artists in the early 20th century. Recently renovated by designer Adam Tihany, it maintains a dazzling gilded interior featuring ornate lamps and paintings on the ceiling mixed with contemporary furnishings.”  (Photo by New York Cafe Budapest)


After 52 years a sweet elephant baby girl was born in the Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden on February 14, 2013. In a public voting the baby elephant was named Asha and March 1, 2013 she made her debut to the public. What a darling . . . :)  (Photo by Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden)

In our ‘Did you know?’ series on Facebook the question was raised, if you knew that the exterior of the highly coveted ‘new’ Porsche 911 was designed by Hungarian designer Péter Varga?

Yet another Hungarian car designer performs magic in the automotive industry: this time it is Zsolt Tarnok – since 2011 Head Designer at Faralli & Mazzanti – presenting ‘his’ Vulca S. “Mazzanti Automobili designs, develops and creates real dream cars for its clients: supercars which can be personalized in every detail by the client, unique objects as the attention and the passion which accompany their birth.”

Laokoon Design was awarded with Gold prize at the Blickfang International Design Trade Show in Stuttgart mid March 2013 for its innovative moving structure that can be used in a very wide range of areas, such as fashion, interior design, architecture, art and so on. Recently Laookon Design has released its new campaign movie.


Also mid March 2013 Zwack Unicum and Unicum Plum (Szilva) won first prize in the category ‘bitter’ at the World Spirits Award that took place  in Klagenfurt, Austria. To top this amazing achievement, another premium Zwack product – Kalinka Vodka – was also awarded with the gold medal. (Photo by Zwack Unicum)

Last but not least the fantastic achievements by Hungarian models in the high fashion and beauty industry amaze us constantly. Barbara Palvin as the face of L’Oréal and angel at Victora’s Secret, Vanessa Axente goes in & out at Prada and is the favorite of Steven Meissel, Kinga Rajzak makes New Yorkers spend their savings at Barney’s New York . . .  and the list could just go on.


The best part is that there are so many new faces and ‘discoveries’ that we will surely not run out of hot news and success stories from this industry either. And! Hungarian male models are on the rise, too – so stay tuned . . .

Final word: A huge ‘THANK YOU‘ goes to my brother, Gyula for his great support and for sending me tips & links continuously; to my partner Armin, for giving me the personal space to do this blog in my spare time as well as to you dear reader for stopping by, for subscribing and for spreading the word about Hungarian Success Stories. ♥


Any thoughts you would like to share?

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