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As someone, who appreciates aesthetics and loves stylish interior, most of the times I find it weird when furniture and interior accessories go well together in a given living or working space, but music and cinema centers as well as the loudspeakers always look so techie. Considering TVs, entertainment centers and loudspeakers that come in rather rigid and cold styles, they usually do not match the rest of the interior. But as I am not a technical person, I have never given it a second thought, if and how it could be done differently, I kind of got used to the ‘view’ and have settled for something. But finally, there is rescue in sight – at least on the loudspeaker market.

Bizsók Loudspeaker Manufactory, a small Hungarian privately owned company is specialized in entirely custom-made loudspeaker systems that will amaze you and your guests with the cleanest sounds, whereby loudspeakers are built with an interieur designer’s mindset and are treated as other stand-alone decorative elements. At the end of the design and development process, these objects may look like furniture, mirrors, lamps or even pieces of art. The concept opens an entirely new market by combining style and functionality, taking clients’ personal tastes and preferences into account. Everything is made by hand in a small atelier in the heart of Budapest, but to fully satisfy their clients’ dreams the enthusiastic team takes advantage of the most advanced technology available. Loudspeakers designed and manufactured by Bizsók will be an integral decor element of any given home, office space and client reception area, café, hotel, restaurant, or event and retail location.

Founder, Vajk Bizsók was very interested in sound technology from an early age. After his studies in architecture and having been an interior designer for about 10 years, Vajk and his architect team were often confronted with the visual appearance of loudspeakers. Despite the high number of suppliers offering top-notch products, limited options in terms of design seemed to be a real issue. People with passion – like Vajk – do not wait too long and will try to find a solution to an existing problem: he founded Bizsók Loudspeaker Manufactory in 2011 and started designing & developing 100% custom-made loudspeaker systems not only with an excellent sound quality, but with a design that finally goes well with clients’ interior.

Bizsók Loudspeaker Manufactory is usually involved into the project at a very early stage and works hand-in-hand with the architect and interior designer or directly with the client. Loudspeaker systems can be built into just about any furniture and home accessory as well as the team cooperates with artists, photographers and product designers to create very special solutions. Bizsók Loudspeaker Manufactory takes pride in producing a certain design only once to insure exclusivity and uniqueness of its products.

Bizsók loudspeakers’ market entry was received exceptionally well by the select few who appreciate perfect sound in a unique atmosphere. Recently, interested customers were able to experience this one-of-a-kind offering at the ‘Wohnen & Interieur‘ in Vienna. Bizsók Loudspeaker Manufactory is going to attend the 100% Design exhibition in London in September 2013 as well as the Design Week in Budapest in October 2013.

Probably many of us – especially women – wondered a few times, why does a loudspeaker always have to be so masculine without any other option for customization. But now the fanciest ideas can be implemented with the know-how and determination of the Bizsók team. On the pictures below it is not always obvious which decorative element is the actual loudspeaker, but this is the beauty of the concept: we should concentrate on the sound and it is invisible.

For more information please visit Bizsók Loudspeaker Manufactory website or the Facebook page.

Source of images: courtesy of Bizsók Loudspeaker Manufactory. Photos by Marton Visontai.

Bizsok_2_Loudspeaker_behind_picture Bizsok_3_Loudspeaker_behind_picture Bizsok_4_Loudspeaker_behind_picture Bizsok_5_Loudspeaker_behind_picture Bizsok_6_Loudspeaker_behind_picture Bizsok_7_Loudspeaker_behind_picture

Bizsok_11_Loudspeaker_behind_picture Bizsok_9_Design_Loudspeaker Bizsok_10_Design_Loudspeaker Bizsok_12_Acoustic_Furniture Bizsok_13_Acoustic_object Bizsok_14_Acoustic_furniture


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