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Emotional Performance Without Spoken Words


Update [June 9, 2013]: . . . and what seemed impossible was possible. Attraction won Britain’s Got Talent show and with it the first prize of GBP 250,000. Truly amazing achievement. Their last performance brought a potted history of Great Britain to the BGT final stage. Even the Queen herself made an appearance. We love the British people and just want to thank them for accepting us and allowing us to live our dream. If anyone questions us being on the show, I would say ‘I respect you and I hope you respect me’. I believe this is an international competition. The performance was very special and is dedicated to the British public. We hope it was an emotional story for you.” – said the group leader Zoltan Szucs. BGT boss Simon Cowell plans to turn them into a money-spinning Cirque du Soleil-style act in Las Vegas – according to The Sun.

Congratulations to Attraction Black Light Theater. You did an amazing job! All the best with your future endeavors! We are so very proud of you.

Update [June 2, 2013]: Attr.action Black Light Theater gave another stunning performance on Britain’s Got Talent last night and moved the audience including jury members to tears. “It’s quite simply one of the most beautiful things we have ever-ever seen. Not just on this show, but in entertainment. It was absolutely stunning, and so moving” – said David, one of the jurors while the crowd was cheering. With their recent performance, Attr.action secured one of the last places in the finals of BGT that takes place June 8, 2013. What an amazing achievement, really and what a touching story from the founder’s own life!! Go Attra.cation! 

About two weeks ago – namely during and after the Britain’s Got Talent show – we could witness the living proof that persistence, professionalism and the quest for perfection sooner or later pays off. This is the story of the Hungarian Attr.action Black Light Theatre, a dance group that has been passionately performing and touring for about 8 years, and it is also about the founders’ dream and vision, and believing in themselves, that one day down the line they will make it. I think now they finally managed the highly desired and deserved international breakthrough. And once again, it is not about who did it first, but who does it best.

It was April 13, 2013 Saturday evening, when the group entered the stage of Britain’s Got Talent and enchanted the tough jury in seconds as well as the lovely audience with their emotional performance. The show did not leave anyone untouched, although there were absolutely no words spoken by the artists. This was the night when the rather well booked dance group – until then known as an insider tip – made it to the headlines and not only in Britain. This was also the night, when everything seemed to work out exceptionally well for the team.

Creative head and manager of Attr.action Black Light Theater, Zoltán Szűcs, founded the dance group in 2004 and then it was the first of this kind in Hungary. Since then the team has grown to 12 members and it has been touring in Hungary and abroad mainly on an invitational basis. Beside performing at company events and at other shows, to gain more visibility and publicity Attr.action Black Light Theater attended the Hungarian and the German talent shows in previous years. Although their performance was well received and acknowledged by the respective juries as well as by the audiences, the group had to wait just a little longer for its international breakthrough.

“In my opinion and based on the experience gathered from various audiences, visual culture is becoming an increasingly significant element for contemporary people and youth. All my new endeavours are aimed to develop this culture in the course of my artistic activities. This purpose is excellently served by Attr.action Black Light Theatre Entertainment thanks to our concise nature and modernity based on traditions” – said Zoltan Szucs in an interview in the Hungarian Tourism Publication “Itthon Láss Csodát”.

The group’s performance is always tailored to the client’s needs, adapted to local context and its length can vary from 3 minutes to an hour. The dance group consists of professional ballet dancers, performing artists, jugglers, hip-hop, electric boogie and break dancers, who are able to create the perfect harmony between music, visual performance, body control as well as the story they would like to tell their audience – all this results in a magic that leaves spectators mesmerized and standing ovation is guaranteed at the end of their show.

Regardless of the fact, what comes next and if Attr.action Black Light Theater makes it to the finals – which we of course hope for – their performance in the Britain’s Got Talent Week 1 Live Audition was totally spot on. The story it tells resonates very well with many families in the world, however it certainly did not have a Hollywood-like happy end. People who watched the show that evening or caught the news later inquired about possible tours in their respective countries and they stated on various occasions that “they all would pay for seeing them live”. I am very positive that this call by the public will not be unheard by event organizers, who can contact the company for custom-tailored arrangements.

I am definitely looking forward to their next audition and am excited to see what’s awaiting the group beyond Britain’s Got Talent…

For more information, please visit Attr.action Black Light Theater website or their Facebook page.

Source of images: courtesy of Attr.action Black Light Theater.

Britain’s Got Talent Final

Britain’s Got Talent Semi-Finals

Britain’s Got Talent Week 1 Audition

Hungary shadow scene – Rehearsal

The story of ExodusBGT Final

Attraction_2 Attraction_3 Attraction_4 Attraction_5 Attraction_6 Attraction_7_Team_BGT


2 thoughts on “Emotional Performance Without Spoken Words

  1. Attraction are the most humble and magnificent act I have ever seen. I would love so much to see them live. I am a massive fan. Thank you Attraction.

    • Betty, thanks so much for your comment. We all love Attraction and are so happy they finally made the breakthrough. Their recent performances are truly stunning and moving.

      Also, a huge ‘thank you’ to the great British audience :)
      Kind regards, Monika.

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