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Wanna Become An Urban Legend?


For a long time I have been planning to write an article about UrbanLegend, the Budapest based weatherproof cyclewear brand, as I truly love everything about it. Even though, I am not a big city cyclist – mostly it is because I just do not trust car drivers and I am super afraid to get injured and put into a hospital – I do like the trend that more & more people take their bikes to get from A to B within the city rather than driving. However, most of the cycle clothing one can get might be super functional and comfortable, but let’s be honest: in general they just look hideous and overly masculine. That is why I was happy when I came across UrbanLegend.

The mission of the brand is to dress city cyclists in cool looking street wear that is also highly functional and is aligned with the needs of modern, urban bikers. As at one point you will have to get off your bike to do something in the city and with the garments of UrbanLegend you can instantly blend into the crowd, go to a cafe, do grocery shopping, etc. without people instantly knowing that you are cyclist.

“UrbanLegend is all about garments that can make everyday cycling safer, more comfortable, or just simply more fun. Our garments incorporate high quality waterproof, wind stopper, breathable fabrics, reflective surfaces, ventilation panels, thoughtfully placed pockets, and lengthened waists. Every piece is designed with special care and attention to lovely details to meet your cycling needs.”

From the Spring / Summer 2013 Early Bird collection my favorite pieces are the Lemonhead jacket with its vital and warm yellow details, and the striped hoodies, but the entire collection looks very comfy and visually pleasing in comforting pastel colors. The image campaign of the current collection is very much spot on by reminding us of hot & humid summer days in the city, but wearing the right garments can ease the heat-pain and still looking good.

UrbandLegend is the brainchild of the designer, Zsofi Geréby, a passionate city cyclist and a former bicycle tour guide. In 2011 Zsofi co-founded the company with Verka Contra, who is responsible for operations and together the two ladies are working hard to build the brand while making their dreams come true. UrbanLegend pieces are proudly designed and made in Budapest, Hungary – from the very first design sketches to the last stitches.

. . . I LOVE the logo of UrbanLegend! I guess I am spending too much time on the cross-trainer, because the logo reminds me of the bar chart display (indoor bikes have the same bar chart, too) or it well could be the skyscraper line in the city… Anyways, I love logos that make me wonder (a bit).

For more information, please visit the UrbanLegend website (yes, there is an online store and they ship internationally, too) or join their Facebook page for regular updates.

Source of images: courtesy of UrbanLegend. Photos by Andrea Gáldi-Vinkó.

Urban_Legend_SS13_2 Urban_Legend_SS13_3 Urban_Legend_SS13_4 Urban_Legend_SS13_5 Urban_Legend_SS13_6 Urban_Legend_SS13_7 Urban_Legend_SS13_8 Urban_Legend_SS13_9 Urban_Legend_SS13_10 Urban_Legend_SS13_11 Urban_Legend_SS13_12


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