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Leather Is My Love – Agnes Kovacs


Agnes Kovacs – founder of the Budapest based Agnes Kovacs Leather Design brand – is a rising star on the Hungarian fashion and design heaven and should be on fashionistas’ watch list. Her first collection – A/W 2012 – last year was already an eye-catcher, but the current spring / summer collection System and Form will make people stop & stare.

Agnes is dedicated to minimalism and her designs are usually made out of one piece of leather that literally forces the designer to include only the necessary, however there is always a twist or something unique on her accessories. The current System and Form collection also follows her minimalist philosophy and to make it unique, Agnes took inspiration from the braids typical for the Carpathian region. Braids are very feminine and natural. Back in the days, women in the Carpathian region always wore their hair in braids and they let it open only on festive days, hence it was part of our culture and our every-days. Applying this old technique on modern leather accessories gives the System and Form collection its signature motive.

The designer graduated from Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest last year and this year she is finishing her Master Degree at the same institution. Despite her young age, Agnes has already collaborated with several brands such as Opel, etc. and made some real noise last year at the Gombold Ujra! (Re-Button it!) event. This year she will be one of the highlights at the Central European Fashion Days that will take place this coming Saturday, June 22, 2013.

Given the fact that accessories market – in particular leather accessories market – is already saturated with a lot designers and brands offering their new designs, two or three times a year, it is indeed very hard to make a statement these days. But there is always an audience welcoming new talents who bring some fresh wind and a unique point of view to this segment of the market. Agnes Kovacs definitely belongs to the small circle of Hungarian designers, who we will hear a lot from in the coming years, too.

For more information please visit Agnes Kovacs Leather Design website or her blog. For regular updates please join her Facebook page. Agnes Kovacs’ designs are available at Black Box Concept Store.

Source of images: Agnes Kovacs’ courtesy. Photos by György Karolyi (Flashback Photo).

Agnes_Kovacs_2 Agnes_Kovacs_3 Agnes_Kovacs_4 Agnes_Kovacs_5 Agnes_Kovacs_6 Agnes_Kovacs_7 Agnes_Kovacs_8 Agnes_Kovacs_9 Agnes_Kovacs_10 Agnes_Kovacs_11 Agnes_Kovacs_12 Agnes_Kovacs_13


2 thoughts on “Leather Is My Love – Agnes Kovacs

  1. Awesome! I just fell in love with those folded patterns. Does she laser-cut the leather, or is there a special fabrication way for that? really breathtaking…

    • Hi Bonooobong,

      Quite honestly, I am not sure what cutting technique Agnes is using. I would think it’s laser-cut though – but again, I don’t know for sure.
      Very happy you like Agnes’ current collection – it’s really very unique and special.
      Kind regards – and thanks for dropping by :)

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