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Fashion Marathon at Central European Fashion Days


Last month I posted an article about the upcoming Central European Fashion Days that was scheduled to be held early June 2013. Due to the flooding of the Danube, the fashion show and conferences part of the event had to be postponed to last weekend (June 22, 2013), whereas the buying event was still held as scheduled. I must say hat off  to the organizers for reacting quickly and making re-arrangements accordingly as it was surely similar like walking a tightrope, to coordinate and reschedule the lot of invitees, brands, caterers, models, guests, backstage personnel, bloggers, journalists, etc.

Unfortunately, I could not be at the event in person but I did bless the live-stream by Ustream. Even though I sadly missed out on the great atmosphere, I could watch the show from the beginning to the end. Let me just start with the fact that after the show I have immediately placed a few pre-orders as there were some stunning pieces on the runway that will probably be sold out at regular prices as soon as they hit the stores.

The event itself was divided into three main sections: in the first section Hungarian designers from previous years’ finals – called Alumni – showcased their SS13 collections. The second section was named ‘Visegrad Show’ relating to the Visegrad countries and established designers from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary showed their AW14 collections. And the last section of the event was dedicated to those 11 Hungarian newcomers and 2 so-called ‘oldhands’ designers, who applied to the Re-Button It! competition and showed a capsule collection consisting of 5 outfits, inspired by the Central European region. At the end all designers of event’s the final section were awarded with great and useful prizes that will help their brands grow and gain more visibility.

Instead of analyzing & judging ‘who designed what, why and how’, I would like to emphasize that these types of events in general are extremely crucial for the development of the region by giving talents the chance to show their potential. But what equally important is that this event now attracted an international audience and buyers, fashion aficionados, bloggers from different countries came to Budapest to see what the region has to offer in terms of fashion. The fact that Jarrad Clark, Global Production Director of IMG Models Worldwide (that is also the main organizer of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Berlin Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week and London Fashion Week) and his team attended the event proves the thesis that there is interest and potential in the region and it might become a strategically important hotspot.

My personal opinion is that a lot of the seen designs by newcomers could very well be hanging in fashion stores anywhere in the world and would make a stand given their competitive advantage of being wearable & unique, made of high quality materials & affordable – I think this will be the key to their future success. Obviously, fashion is a very emotional sector, it is totally irrational and that makes it so exciting: countless opinions, preferences, wishes, likes and dislikes. Overall, the event was a success with close to 60 designers showing over 400 outfits. I do not even want to start thinking about what might have been going on in the backstage area. . . But hopefully the event will be continued with an even larger reach.

Below please find a selection of images featuring the capsule collections by newcomer designers. To have a look at the stunning designs by the more established creators, you can watch the recorded event on Ustream (I particularly loved the AW2014 collection by Dori Tomcsanyi and Konsanszky…):

Re-Button It – Alumni Fashion Show featuring: Sara Balint Knit/Wear, ERLEN, Ghostmind, INER, KELE Clothing, KOMOD, Eszter Söptei, The FOUR, and ZAKO.

Visegrad Fashion Show Part I.: Lenka Srsnova, Maria Stranekova, NUBU, Sistersconspiracy, ARTISTA, Anh Tuan, and Zuzana Kubiczkova.

Visegrad Fashion Show Part II.: Dori Tomcsanyi, Justyna Chrabelska, Marcel Holubec W., Hana Zarubova, Konsanszky, and Anda.

And here along goes to the Re-Button It Competition Final.

Photos by Istvan Kiraly.

CEFD_2013_2_NUBU Winner of the first prize in the category Oldhands Clothing: Bao Bao Collection by NUBU.

CEFD_2013_3_Orsolya_CsikWinner of the first prize in the category Newcomer Clothing: Orsolya Csik.

CEFD_2013_4_INER_Renata_GyongyosiNewcomer collection and audience favorite: INER by Renata Gyongyosi.

CEFD_2013_5_Renata_ManNewcomer collection by Renata Man.

CEFD_2013_6_POPONewcomer collection by POPO.

CEFD_2013_7_Judit_PusztaiNewcomer collection by Judit Pusztai.

CEFD_2013_8_Agota_AntalNewcomer collection by Agota Antal.

CEFD_2013_9_Dori_TomcsanyiOldhands collection by Dori Tomcsanyi.

CEFD_2013_10_Zsuzsanna_JaniNewcomer collection by Zsuzsanna Jani.

CEFD_2013_11_WondergroundNewcomer mens’ collection by Wonderground.

CEFD_2013_12_Agnes SzucsNewcomer collection by Agnes Szucs.

CEFD_2013_13_Hajnalka_GyebnarNewcomer collection by Hajnalka Gyebnar.

CEFD_2013_14_Lilla DemeterNewcomer collection by Lilla Demeter.


Winner of the first prize in the category Oldhands Accessories: MASAMOD by Virag Ildiko Erdei.

CEFD_2013_16_AgnesKovacsWinner of the first prize in the category Newcomer Accessories: System And Form by Agnes Kovacs. (Photo: Flashback)


4 thoughts on “Fashion Marathon at Central European Fashion Days

  1. awesome masterpieces, I really can feel that special hungarian feeling. it would be nice if there was some 3D printed designs in the hungarian fashion as well, especially because the week before this event there was a 3D print week organized by Design Terminal as well. maybe the members of the different events could collaborate.

    • Hi Bonooobong,

      yeah, agree re: awesome masterpieces! :) I’m sure 3D printed designs will be part of the Hungarian fashion, too – it’s just a question of time. Might want to be the first by collaborating with a designer? or to even make the first step yourself? ;)

      Thanks for dropping by. My best, M.

      • of course I’d like to be;) I already contacted some austrian designers because I thought in Budapest there are already some existing hungarian projects, but after attending on 2b3d in Design Terminal I guess nobody but me exhibited self-designed generative 3D printed jewelry or accessories, they only offer 3D printing service or rapid prototyping for the industry. I’d really like to give it a try, generative fashion design is getting popular and those forms and surfaces are designed with generative and parametric 3D modeling techniques and can only fabricated with additional manufacturing like 3D printing. I’ve already written an article on my blog about 3D printed in fashion, you can check it in hungarian:

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