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Hungarian Design Pop-Up Store In London

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With online stores and powerful e-tailers all over the world, traditional retailing is becoming ever more challenging. After being in the retail and brands business for over 20+ years, Roger Wade had a vision to establish a totally unique retail experience – and Boxpark Shoreditch, in London was born in 2011. It is the world’s first pop-up mall, a nicely appointed area where shops are situated in container boxes. The Boxpark itself is planned to stay for about four years until 2015, but  shops and brands are constantly changing.

Based on Roger Wade’s Boxpark retail concept, brands and ideas are appreciated that seem to be innovative, unique in their own ways, and differ from the regular high-street image. The concept itself is an absolute success: people seem to love the experience, the industrial setting and the selection that mostly focuses on streetwear products in the affordable price range. However, to rent one of the containers, candidates have to apply and showcase their retail concept. If Roger Vade and his team think that it matches the Boxpark spirit, they can carry on with the detail planning.

As we all know ‘best things happen to us, when we least expect it’: Orsolya Ivanyi, a Hungarian expat living in London came across a Boxpark advertisement late at night end of February 2013, while surfing the net and thought she would love to try to secure one of these cool containers with the ultimate goal to make Hungarian contemporary design products more well-known in the UK. Orsolya applied to the advertisement and she was invited to present her idea to the Boxpark Management panel. Her concept seemed exciting to the jury and obviously it fitted the basic concept of the Boxpark retail experience.

As a project of the Hungarian British Chamber of Commerce (an independent non-government entity established in order to foster and promote business activities, services and relations between the UK and Hungary), under Orsolya’s management the ‘Hungarian Design in London’ pop-up store opened its doors past Monday. The store will be open until end of August 2013 with a constantly changing product and brand offering.

So if you are in London during this summer, make sure to check out Boxpark Shoreditch while popping in to the ‘Hungarian Design’ store to say Szia! and see if something catches your eyes. Besides many great brands such as FolqaPaprikumChocoMeMatyoDesignAgnes Kovacs Leather DesignThe Room, etc., the legendary streetwear shoes by Tisza Cipo are also available that otherwise cannot be bought outside of Hungary.

Although opening a store in itself is really not that huge of a deal, it is the intention, mission and the ultimate goal behind the concept that really sticks out and hopefully it will find (a lot of) followers in other countries, too. In retail there are three major factors that will make or break a business: it is location, location, location. Orsolya could not have found a better spot to start with her venture and to put Hungarian contemporary design products into the spotlight in the cool Boxpark Shoreditch London.

For more information about Boxpark Shoreditch, please visit the website. For regular updates at the Hungarian Design Pop-Up Store in London please join their Facebook community.

Boxpark Shoreditch photos: courtesy of Boxpark. Hungarian Design store photos by Daniel Herendi.

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