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Pendant Lamps Inspired By Deep Sea Creatures


Back in January I introduced Laszlo Tompa’s stunning Flower Lamp, Cube Illusion and Spiral Box collections made of solid wood, where the artist extends the boundaries of perfect geometry in form of a home accessory. I personally thought it would be hard to top these creations, but now that Laszlo’s new art pieces are out, I must admit that I was wrong.

For his new collection, Laszlo took inspiration from the lovely, cute and sometimes scary deep sea animals, such as cuttlefish, medusas and octopuses that produce and emit some light in the dark abyss of the oceans. As the artist’s previous creations, designs of the new Hydro Lamp Collection are also hand made of solid wood.

Besides homes, I think these pendant lamps could well be the perfect source of light in chalets, fincas, hotel rooms, lounges or anywhere in a cosy, ‘homey’ environment given the natural material, the organic curvy shapes and geometrically perfect finish of the Hydro Lamps. The designer found the right balance that makes Hydro Lamp creations stand out from their environment, but at the same time they will blend in perfectly with other furniture and home accessories.

For more information about Laszlo Tompa’s creations and the new Hydra Lamp collection, please visit his website.

Source of images: Laszlo Tompa’s courtesy. Hydro Lamp photos by Janos Ratki. Deep sea inspiration photos by David Gallo.

Laszlo_Tompa_Deep_Sea_Lamp_2 Laszlo_Tompa_Deep_Sea_Lamp_3 Laszlo_Tompa_Deep_Sea_Lamp_4 Laszlo_Tompa_Deep_Sea_Lamp_5 Laszlo_Tompa_Deep_Sea_Lamp_6 Laszlo_Tompa_Deep_Sea_Lamp_7 Laszlo_Tompa_Deep_Sea_Lamp_8

Laszlo_Tompa_Deep_Sea_Lamp_9_Inspiration Laszlo_Tompa_Deep_Sea_Lamp_10_Inspiration


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