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The Scent Of A Woman


Olfactory experience is usually a very special moment, as scents and smells can bring back thousands of memories and feelings. Scents that surround us influence our well-being, our perception, our unconscious, and even our mood, too. If we just think of the smell of a fresh bread, or the scent of freshly cut roses, most people start saying “Hmmm – this reminds me of my grandma’s house” or “These roses remind me running through the garden when I was a child”.

As with everything else, unfortunately, mass production has overtaken the perfume industry, too, resulting in an overflow of synthetic and rather unpleasant smells and juices everywhere. But luckily, the ancient profession of parfumeur or as they call them nose has a revival and most of the star noses learnt the secret of their trade in the cradle of modern perfumery, in the South of France in Grasse. A lot of tourists visit the area, too, to take a peek behind the scenes and learn about the history of fragrance formulation.

As I am always on the lookout for niche parfum maisons, I was very happy to realize that my latest discovery is actually a Hungarian brand: Hedonist by Parfums Viktoria Minya. Parfums by Viktoria Minya is a young company founded in 2011 by the enchanting perfume artist, Viktoria Minya. Her career was not a straight one, although deep in her heart she always knew where she was heading to. After a degree in business studies and jobs in advertising and human resources, one day Viktoria realized that all this was just the preparation for her real calling. Later she attended the Grasse Institute of Perfumery, in France and started working for different perfume houses. After having gained enough experience, Viktoria started her own business and a short while ago the first product of her maison – Hedonist – was introduced to the public.

After reading the artist’s inspiration for  the perfume as well as the amazing customer feedbacks, I was very excited to experience Hedonist – and I was totally taken by the sophisticated, pleasant, feminine scent. It is definitely a perfume that one can wear in the summer as well as in the winter season due to its well-balanced mix of fresh, light and woodier, edgier notes. It is hard to describe scents in writing, but words that come to my mind are exquisite, holistic, complete, confident, and I think Hedonist is a perfume where I would certainly say: it is a beautiful fragrance.

“A powerful and provocative perfume for a woman who dares to be true to her desires. Lush notes of jasmine and orange blossom absolute flirt with the dark intensity of rum and the world’s finest woods for a scent that is as captivating as it is unforgettable.
Hedonist is presented within a beautifully crafted bottle filled with hundreds of genuine bohemian crystals that sparkle brilliantly in the divine golden liquid and the bottle itself is enclosed within a handmade wooden box fashioned to capture the sleek look and feel of snakeskin leather.”

Parfums Viktoria Minya offers this wonderful fragrance in a luxurious packaging that is a treat to all senses: a wonderfully handcrafted wooden box houses the see-through bottle that is filled with a lot of sparkling genuine Bohemian crystals. A gorgeous, visually pleasing creation as well as an olfactory sensation made of the finest and most expensive raw materials.

In any case Hedonist is a wonderful present – first and foremost to yourself and/or to your loved one but also to your environment, as the scent of a woman always says a lot about her personality and level of sophistication.

In her atelier that is located in Paris, Viktoria also offers a wide range of services to her clients such as creation of customized fragrances for events and for private persons, fragrance shows, consulting, workshops and classes. One of her goals is to educate customers by providing a lot of insight into her trade so that people can better understand the world of fragrances thus they will be able to distinguish between real gems, high quality perfume products and empty marketing promises.

Viktoria set the bar very high with her first product and I rather will not think about what is next, but I am just going to enjoy her creation for now. If you would like to test Hedonist, a sample can be ordered for as little as EUR 5.00 (incl. shipping).

For more information about Parfums Viktoria Minya, please visit the website. To receive regular updates or to see what others think about Hedonist, please join Viktoria’s Facebook community.

Source of images: courtesy of Parfums Viktoria Minya. Visual identity by Miklos Kiss. Photos by Miklos Kiss, Istvan Varfi and Attila Maklari.

Hedonist_by_Viktoria_Minya_2 Hedonist_by_Viktoria_Minya_3 Hedonist_by_Viktoria_Minya_4 Hedonist_by_Viktoria_Minya_5 Hedonist_by_Viktoria_Minya_6 Hedonist_by_Viktoria_Minya_7 Parfums_Viktoria_Minya_8

Parfums_Viktoria_Minya_9 Parfums_Viktoria_Minya_10


2 thoughts on “The Scent Of A Woman

  1. Wonderful perfume and gratz to Viktoria Minya and Hungary for such success. and by the way I just saw that she launched new perfumes…

    • Hi Georges,

      Thanks very much for your comment. We love Viktoria’s perfume very much and are eager to try and test her new ones, too! Shipment on its way already :).

      All the best to you and thanks for visiting.

      Kind regards, Monika.

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