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Über-Hip Eyewear Made Of Vinyl Records


In any season, people tend to spend substantial time to pick the perfect pair of sunglasses and they go the extra mile to get them – like me. If you are looking for the additional cool factor in regard of your shades, do not go any further and check out Tipton Eyework’s collections.

This ultra-cool Hungarian brand is specialized in fashionable eyewear using recycled record labels and of old film stripes. The frames of the Vinylized collection are made of discarded vinyl records, while the Cinematique collection frames are carved from sheets of cellulose acetate plastic, the temples are made from stainless steel and every Cinematique frame is decorated with stripes of film rolls. All sunglasses and frames have their own special story to tell and combine the cool fashion factor with the environment conscious recycling as well as the world of music & cinema.

“At Tipton we produce inspired designs and quality eyewear, cementing our reputation as a dynamic creator of edgy concepts and a superior finished product. We focus on creating bold new design concepts while constantly working to improve the quality and functionality of our pieces.” 

Tipton Eyeworks has been around for a while now and managed to build up a solid fan base, while the company stayed unique, personal and humorous. Zachary Tipton had the basic idea and made the first steps in his atelier in Seattle, WA (USA) to make sunglasses from old records in 1998 and when moving to Hungary in 2002, he teamed up with his brother and founded Tipton Eyeworks. First sunglasses were made of music records purchased at the flea market. As vinyls became rare, the company started to press its own special records for the Vinylize collection and it proudly collaborates with musicians. Tipton eyewear is hand-crafted in Hungary.

Excellent, unique and sustainable concept in a rather crowded market that is mostly dominated by the three behemoths – Luxottica, Safilo Group, and Marcolin. Nonetheless, Tipton found its niche and managed to carve out a part of the market for itself thanks to its individuality. With the vinyl and cinema stripes, the company brings back some retro feelings and gives the sound and image ‘carriers’ a new life.

In case you wondered, the company does not used vinyl collector pieces, but rather those that would have landed in the bin. Love it . . . !

Check out the awesome collections here. To stay up-to-date with their newest colabs and news you can join the Tipton community on Facebook: Vinylize (in English) or Tipton Eyeworks (mostly in Hungarian).

Source of images: courtesy of Tipton Eyeworks.

Tipton_Eyeworks_2 Tipton_Eyeworks_3 Tipton_Eyeworks_4 Tipton_Eyeworks_5 Tipton_Eyeworks_6




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