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The Authentic Napsugar Von Bittera


In the last few weeks I took some time off from writing to recharge my batteries and to enjoy the summer.  Now I am back with fresh energy and a long list of excellent brands, artists and companies to introduce you to.

Let us start with fashion and see, what designers have created for us for the upcoming chillier days. The first brand I picked to showcase could not be more appropriate: Napsugar von Bittera (Napsugar translates to sunshine in Hungarian) – so it is a nice bridge-over from the hot & sunny days to the upcoming colder season.

Napsugar von Bittera is a unique brand and not only in terms of its designs and philosophy, but also in a sense how its brand building and distribution strategy is managed. After her studies in English, Old Greek and Sanskrit, the designer – who always loved clothes and was fascinated by fashion – started out her career as a costume designer for film sets in Hungary and Austria.  Napsugar always had a precise idea about what she wanted to achieve, and that was to found and build a fashion brand. The label that carries her name was founded in 2009 and it quickly found its way to European and Asian countries. Napsugar von Bittera was one of the 500 brands to be picked by Dolce & Gabbana for their Spiga 2 store in Milan.

The style of Napsugar von Bittera pieces is everything but conventional. The signature piece of the brand is the laser-cut leather jacket that is accompanied by cashmere and fur garments, plastic accessories, garments made out of fine surface-manipulated innovative leather and unique textiles. While the designer draws inspiration from just about any place and anything, the collections are carefully built, so that pieces from different seasons can be mixed & matched easily. A Napsugar von Bittera client is usually very self-confident and feminine, who likes to stand out from the crowd in a stylish way. The AW2013/14 collection also reflects the brand philosophy with its edgy, avant-garde and futuristic femininity. The designer excellently manages to subtly merge savage-romantic, hip elegance with a bit extreme style that is supported by the usage of autumn & winter colors such as brown, gray, taupe and black.

As a logical consequence of the excellent brand building activities by Napsugar von Bittera, the label managed to get noticed internationally within a short period of time, while the business is completely funded by own resources. Napsugar von Bittera will be showing at the upcoming Paris Fashion Week (September 23 – October 2, 2013) for the sixth time in a row.

For more information, please visit the website, or join their Facebook community for regular updates.

Source of images: courtesy of Napsugar von Bittera.

Napsugar_von_Bittera_2_AW1314 Napsugar_von_Bittera_3_AW1314 Napsugar_von_Bittera_4_AW1314 Napsugar_von_Bittera_5_AW1314 Napsugar_von_Bittera_6_AW1314 Napsugar_von_Bittera_7_AW1314 Napsugar_von_Bittera_8_AW1314 Napsugar_von_Bittera_9_AW1314 Napsugar_von_Bittera_10_AW1314 Napsugar_von_Bittera_11_The_Designer


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