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An Homage To Porcelain


It is always fascinating when an artist takes a material (that one can probably find in every home, but it is either not used very often and sits in the back of the cupboard for years) and brings it back to life by transforming its function to fit our modern times. This is what happened with porcelain after Eszter Imre got her hands around it.

Eszter Imre, founder of the brand Imreszti, is ceramic artist and designer, and her creations will definitely bring a smile to your face. Table Wear is the collection that made the artist well-known in design circles. Eszti’s Table Wear jewelry line was inspired by her Grandma’s precious Herend porcelain collection:

“The inspiration is drawn from the kind of tableware that people own, inherit and display in their homes as collections and prized possessions, like my grandmother, but never really use. Table Wear aspires to capture the essence of these classical heirlooms. These cups, plates and tableware objects have been made with much care and attention. Carved into existence and hand painted by master craftsmen. Highlighted by gold, family crests and monograms of proud makers. Made with and collected in reverence.

Porcelain as a material and its seemingly never ending potential amazes me. When I look at these objects of history and tradition, their details impress me and the jewellery within speaks to me. They are objects that rarely get used in their original function but still have brought joy to endless homes. With the transformation from tableware into jewellery, I hope to bring the beauty and details of these classical collectibles and heirlooms closer to the body, closer to the soul, and out into the world.”

Today Eszti lives and works in Sweden, where she finished her Master degree and she has just started to exploit her creative potential. When we have thought we have seen it all what one actually do with cups and coffee mugs, then there comes Eszti and takes it to the next level. And she does it with such love, care and attention to detail that it melts even the coldest hearts, too. Eszti constantly explores new areas, goes unbeaten paths and surprises her fans.

Her next coup was the Caffe Latte and Tea 4 Two cherishing the ‘share the moment’ feeling with colleagues and friends when having a cup of coffee or cup of tea during a break that to many people became a nice ritual.

“The “Caffe Latte” pot makes the  coffee break a special moment by its usage. The pot includes the milk jar and the sugar bowl as well. It is a discussion starter, it is fun and saves time and space at the table. “Tea for two” teapot that serves 2 persons at the same time, make the moment even more special, personal and intimate. Also, in each case there is only one pot to wash afterwards.

. . . Because it is all about sharing wonderful moments that are enhanced by lovely details and accessories. And because the How is just evenly important as the What is – and Eszti definitely knows something about the ‘how‘.

Eszti will be touring Europe in the upcoming weeks to showcase her gorgeous creations. She can be found at Röhsska Museum – Göthenburg (Sweden), at Design Week – Budapest, at Cluj International Ceramic Biennale, Cluj (Romania), at PAD London Art+Design, London (UK), and at Fejér Megyei Tárlat 2013, Dunaújvárosi Kortárs Művészeti Intézet (ICA-D),Dunaújváros (Hungary).

For more information please visit Eszti’s website and join her Facebook page for regular updates. She also has a lovely Tumblr that is worthwhile to visit, too and so is her portfolio on Behance.

Source of images: Eszti Imre’s courtesy.

Imreszti_2 Imreszti_3 Imreszti_4 Imreszti_5 Imreszti_6 SONY DSC SONY DSC Imreszti_10 Imreszti_11 Imreszti_12 Imreszti_13


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