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There Is Hope In The Cloud


There is almost no day that goes by without at least one headline that security of any kind of data is basically useless with all the spying and hacking that goes on worldwide. Undoubtedly, data of any sort is the new gold and governmental institutions as well as other organizations and companies are all very keen to get a hold of information about users, clients and just about anything. But what can we ‘normalos’ do about it and really, is there a safe and secure way at all to store and share data?

Although there are countless online syncing and storage services, not all of them encrypt users’ data locally to counter surveillance of any kind. But apparently, there is a solution, and I can very well imagine that engineers of this particular company have plenty work to do and are being overrun with a lot of unique requests by clients. The company is called Tresorit and its claim is not less than the following:

“Completely secure cloud storage is now a reality. Sync, store and share safely using our patented shareable encryption.”

“Tresorit is a cloud-based, secure file synchronizing software, specifically designed to share confidential data of businesses and individuals alike. The software is suitable for making shared directories in a way that the contents are encrypted before upload, with only the encrypted file getting into the cloud. This encrypted content can only be accessed with the owner’s permission. Other users, hackers or government agencies are unable to decode its contents, as the security protocol used takes countless human lifetimes to hack. Tresorit’s uniqueness lies in the patented way of sharing encrypted content without manual re-encryption, and the powerful permission handling and revocation built into the service.”

Tresorit, the Budapest-based award winning company was founded in September 2011, after its co-founders developed and patented a solution that provides users with the most secure cloud service on a global level. It all started when the current CEO, Istvan Lam was looking for a cloud-based storage service with adequate security in the cloud to safely store his lecture materials, but he did not find any solution to satisfy his security needs.

When founding Tresorit, Istvan already had a record of building up a successful software development company that won multiple awards and major contracts, however his heart pulled him back to the world of cryptography. And this is how Tresorit was born: mostly driven by a personal quest and based on practical experience in building a company. The company has strong security credentials by being a spinoff of the IT security institute of global acclaim, Budapest-based CrySys Lab, responsible for identifying the notorious Duqu, Flame and Miniduke malwares.

Tresorit is just out of private beta and its technology secures users’ files and folders on their computers, before uploading them to the cloud. Encryption keys never leave the user’s computer, which means that no one – not even Tresorit – can access the content unless it is permitted by its owner.

Since its foundation Tresorit has gained substantial attention within IT and investment circles as well as among users, as the company’s solution seems to be unbeatable. To attract even more attention – even that of the ‘bad guys’ – Tresorit offers USD 10’000 to the person who hacks its secure system. The contest has been going on since April and the current status is ‘Still Not Hacked’.

So far Tresorit has been available for Windows and is launching for iOS, Android and Mac OSX in the coming weeks. Users and potential users are waiting anxiously so that they can go anywhere and still have access to their data in a safe & secure cloud. What I also like about this company is their ‘down-to-Earth’ communication style. Tresorit communicates clearly and makes the most complicated IT and software related issues understandable and broken down to ‘everyday Joe’s language’. So people like me – who are concerned about data security issues, but are not going to listen to or read pure IT-talk – also understand what this company is about and where it is heading.  . . . and the market for their solution just seems to be bigger and bigger every day . . .

For more information about Tresorit and its services please visit their website. For regular updates and to see what other users think about the service, please join their Facebook community.

Source of images: courtesy of Tresorit.

Tresorit_2 Tresorit_3 Tresorit_4


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