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Lovely Luca Adamik


Luca Adamik, the 19 year old Hungarian fashion model had her breakthrough early this year and by now she is well-booked for haute couture shows and fashion shows alike.

Luca was discovered in a bus stop at the age of 14 on her way home from dance class. At first she  laughed at the woman who approached and told her that she could very well be a successful model. Luca took her business card anyway and her parents did a background check on the agency. The rest is history – as bit by bit Luca started her career in the model business. However, it was clear to her at all times, that modeling comes second to her duties at school. While at high school Luca  took jobs only during her summer vacation and worked on smaller projects in between.

This year Luca has enrolled to the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest and has some freedom in organizing her schedule. Currently, she is regularly seen on the catwalks in beautiful gowns of Giorgio Armani, Miu Miu, Jean Paul Gaulthier, and other famous fashion houses. Luca’s natural femininity, her delicate gestures and very interesting face are definitely her differentiating factors in this overly crowded model business. Personally, I think that she enhances  beautiful crafted gowns even more with her unique charisma and lovely personality.

Luca’s mother agency in Budapest is Attractive, in New York she is managed by Supreme Management, in Paris by Nathalie Models, in Milan Women Milan and in Barcelona by Uno Models.

Source of images: and Fashion Model Directory.

Luca_Adamik_2 Luca_Adamik_3 Moschino Fall 2013 RTW Luca_Adamik_5 Luca_Adamik_6 Luca_Adamik_7 Luca_Adamik_8 Luca_Adamik_9


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