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Thoughtful By Konsanszky

Konsanszky_1The fashion brand konsanszky – founded in 2006 by Dora Konsanszky fashion designer, a Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design (Budapest) and Ecole Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne graduate  – has shown a steady growth in the last few years, nationally and internationally alike. Special, iconic pieces from Dora’s collections are regularly featured in glossy international fashion magazines that reflects her constant devotion to high quality & wearable fashion.

The general philosophy behind konsanszky is the convergence of unique design and everyday life, whereby Dora offers an excellent option to the educated and self-confident woman who favors individuality over monotony. The designer combines sophisticated techniques and refined tailoring practices and is always in search of new innovative details and materials. To give her client focused philosophy more emphasis and to genuinely convey the brand message, the designer invites her clients to her atelier that is characterized by an effortless atmosphere. Dora, an experienced stylist, is available to offer her expert advice and together with the client they pick the pieces that perfectly fit her style. For some, this might seem a bit unusual at first, but eventually it is a rewarding experience for both – the client and the designer alike.

Current Fall / Winter 2013 collection by konsanszky carries the title ‘Thoughtful‘ and it captures the overall mood of the season very well. Dora drew her inspiration from architectural details such as asymmetric cuts or tube like solutions that have been combined with rounded feminine forms. In addition to the visual inspiration source, the song Steepless by Portico Quartet also helped the designer to convey her creative vision. Main colors of the collection being créme, beige, cherry red, gray, deep blue and black are also an excellent expression of the seasons feelings. Finest materials such as wool, silk, viscose and leather are mostly sourced from Italy and are nicely built into the essence of the collection making it complete – along with a small range of complementary accessories such as necklace pendants and clutches.

Being an established brand on its home market and headed by a well-respected designer with numerous awards and prizes, collections by Dora Konsanszky are also available in the United States, in a few European countries and since spring this year also in Japan. In my opinion, high quality fashion garment pieces with distinguishing features positioned in an affordable price range is an excellent strategy to ‘combat’ the fast fashion trends of current times. The konsanszky brand has everything that is necessary to establish itself in key foreign markets even more as it already has a solid foundation to build on.

For more information about the konsanszky brand, please visit the website and for regular updates please join the konsanszky community on Facebook.

Pronounciation of konsanszky is con-shan-ski.

Source of images: courtesy of konsanszky.

Credits:  Campaign photos: Photographer: Istvan Labady, Make up: Csilla Kiss, Hair: Gepard, Styling: Ildiko Ando, Model: Anna Pichler (VM model) Look book photos: Photographer: Balint Barna, Make up: Kata Kertesz, Hair: Saco hair, Model: Eszter Boldov (VM model). Object photos: Roland Rab.

Musical inspiration:

Konsanszky_2 Konsanszky_3 Konsanszky_4 Konsanszky_5 Konsanszky_6 Konsanszky_7 Konsanszky_8 Konsanszky_9 Konsanszky_10 Konsanszky_11


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