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What do you do in a thriving city where new design stores and shopping meccas open regularly and basically none of the city guides – be it print or digital – can keep up with the sheer number of new places to be visited and at the same time not to forget about your favorite ones? Personally, I do not have the answer, but StyleWalker Day & Night is doing a great job by organizing events regularly to discover new and well known stores located in the beautiful 5th district of Budapest.

Founded in 2009 by Dorka Meleg and Heda Kovacs, the ultimate goal of StyleWalker Day & Night is to show interested shoppers and visitors alike that Budapest offers excellent alternatives to mass products, fast fashion and mainstream garment pieces. The event helps to attract potential customers into handpicked stores that carry products of Hungarian designers along with a carefully selected offering thus it supports these ventures in the race against the big names.

Throughout the years StyleWalker Day & Night has widened its shop network from rather ladies-focused stores and now it also covers points of sales for gents and kids, too. The initiative has been successful since its start and now for the third consecutive year Budapest City Administration is the main supporter of the event giving it and the participating stores as well as designers an even higher visibility among potential shoppers and visitors alike.

During the upcoming edition of StyleWalker Day & Night – that will take place Saturday, October 12, 2013 – numerous downtown stores and showrooms will participate by welcoming visitors from 2 pm until 10 pm. Every store will have special promotions and programs such as presentations about certain topics, sneak-peek behind the scenes, stylist consultation sessions, tips about how to knot a tie the right way, meeting with the designers, and other fun or useful things. The advantage of this event is that shoppers can reach included stores by foot as they are located within walking distance from each other.

Following stores will participate in the upcoming event:

Black Box (fashion & accessories), Bomo Art Budapest (luxury stationary), Buborek (concept store), Colorbar (concept store), Colorbar Raktar, Daalarna (high-end evening gowns, wedding dresses and accessories), Daniel Benus Showroom (mens fashion), Ekes Kesztyu (gloves and accessories), Eventuell Galeria (art, textile and home decor), Hybrid Art Design Shop & Café (concept store), InnoShop (furniture and home accessories), Insitu (concept store), Je Suis Belle (fashion), Kaczian Tie Shop (ties & more), KataSzegedi Showroom (fashion), KOMOD (fashion), Le Parfum Croisette (perfumes and scents), Lollipop Factory Budapest (street wear), Mono Fashion (fashion and accessories), Nami (cuddly toys & more), Nanushka (fashion), Nemruci (vintage clothing and accessories), Retrock Deluxe (modern and vintage fashion & accessories), Rododendron Art & Design Shop (art and design concept store), Small Garden (kids’ clothing and accessories), TheGardenStudio (women and mens fashion), TipTon Eyeworks (eyewear), V50 by Valeria Fazekas (hats and fashion), Vass Shoes (shoes made by hand for ladies & gents), wonderLAB concept store (concept store).

For emerging brands and smaller sized stores it is very tricky to compete with the advertisement budgets of the well-known mainstream names who do make a lot of noise and are visible everywhere. Therefore initiatives like the StyleWalker are essential to nurture the cooperation between local stores and showrooms as well as to promote a common message to customers. At the end it is all about being heard & seen and to be discovered. If customers are provided with a nice shopping experience and pleasant memories they are more likely to return to these stores and to do the priceless word-of-mouth publicity among their friends and family members. StyleWalker is yet another event that creates a win-win situation to all participants for the benefit of all.

For more information please visit the StyleWalker Day & Night website and join their community page on Facebook for regular updates.

Source of images: courtesy of Style Walker as well as of the participating stores.

Stylewalker_2013_2_Valeria_Fazekas Stylewalker_2013_3_Vass_ShoesStylewalker_2013_4_TheGardenStudio Stylewalker_2013_5_WonderLAB Stylewalker_2013_6_InnoShop Stylewalker_2013_7_BomoArtBudapest Stylewalker_2013_8_LeParfumCroisette Stylewalker_2013_9_Rododendron_Art_Design Stylewalker_2013_10_MonoFashion Stylewalker_2013_11_HybridArt Stylewalker_2013_12_Nami Stylewalker_2013_13


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