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The Béta Version For Real Alphas


The Béta Version had been on my radar for way too long. However, postponed is not abandoned and I am happy to feature yet another young Hungarian leather goods brand that has just started a couple of years ago and has been making noise with its styles and designs since.

As mentioned in an earlier post it is tough to innovate in the leather goods business, as I think most of us feel like we have seen it all. There are numerous brands trying to create the next It Bag and they spend fortunes on advertising in glossy magazines. Not so The Béta Version – a brand founded in 2010 by designer Zsofia Rainer and brand manager Cili Varga. The founders envisioned to create high quality purses, cases and bags made by hand of good leather in a minimalist style that is enhanced by subtle details and meticulous craftsmanship.

“Simplicity Is The Key To True Elegance.” – Coco Chanel

Even though the brand has only been around for a while, the founders have already managed to develop a signature style that is similar to computer pixels in one collection and appears as tone-in-tone embroidery in other collections. The creators seem to have an almost sensual relationship with leather, as the final products look complete, well crafted and thought through.

There are three major factors why this brand is close to me: first of all, they do not follow the crazy ‘3-4 seasons and collections per year’ cycle as it would not be in line with their DNA that is based on sustainability and respect towards leather crafting traditions. The second factor is that even though there are subtle details on their designs, final products always appear sleek and timeless.  And last but not least leather goods accessories by The Béta Version are all handmade in Hungary that helps the local revival of this profession and sector.

Probably most of us have a special relationship with our bags (similarly to our shoes) and the choice of the right one is usually an equation with multiple variables where many factors are taken into account. A bag is much more than a functional object to be filled: its style, workmanship and image are to reflect its owner. Designs by The Béta Version are definitely for those who appreciate quality, simple yet well crafted design, and have a confident but down-to-Earth personality.

For more information about The Béta Version please visit their website and for regular updates please check-in at their community page on Facebook.

Source of images: courtesy of The Béta Version.

The_Béta_Version_2 The_Béta_Version_3_Clutch The_Béta_Version_4_Tote The_Béta_Version_5_iPadCase The_Béta_Version_6_MacBookCase The_Béta_Version_7_Pixelfolk The_Béta_Version_8 The_Béta_Version_9 The_Béta_Version_10 The_Béta_Version_11 The_Béta_Version_12The_Béta_Version_13


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