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Blending Modern With Classic


Paintings and artworks by Viktoria Solthy are well known among Hungarian clients preferring elegant, bold and stylish interiors. The artist’s portfolio stretches across three genres: colorful and eye-catching paintings featuring old calligraphy patterns or fantasy structures, black & white illustrative paintings, and modern art portraiture.

Currently, Viktoria’s calligraphy and 3D structure creations are very much sought after, as they are truly unique and provide a living space with a very special ambience. Given the felicitous mixture of shiny, tasteful glamour and mystical charisma, her designy calligraphy and structured artworks fit well into classical and modern environments alike. The artist’s creations adorn several private homes and public places such as lawyers’ and banking offices, doctors’ waiting rooms, working spaces, and other reception areas.

Viktoria’s passion for collecting old scripts, postcards and handwritten letters goes back to her childhood years. With her handmade creations the artist manages to bring us the breeze of classic and antique interiors and at the same time she interprets and converts this feeling to fit our current times. In her well-appointed atelier and gallery in Törökbálint (just outside of Budapest), Viktoria receives her private and institutional clients and she is also available to discuss and accommodate special requests of her clientele.

During my recent visit in Budapest early October 2013, I met the artist with the aim to discover her artistic world and talked a little bit with Viktoria about her background and creative direction:

Hungarian Success Stories (HSS): Viktoria, as it is obvious from your curriculum, your creative talent was discovered at a very early stage of your life, as you attended a high school with a special faculty ‘Drawing’. Have you ever thought of taking a different path other than a creative one? 

Viktoria Solthy (VS): Not really (she smiles). Already in my childhood years I knew that I will want to do something related to ‘drawing’ when I grow up. For example, at the age of seven I was convinced that I will become a cartoonist. This was the reason why I went to a high school that offered a special faculty in drawing and then afterwards I started studying at the University of Applied Arts. Admittedly, this was a bit different from the visual art direction, however I was interested in so many artistic fields and eventually I had to make a decision, although parallel to my studies I had also developed my skills in graphic design and painting. Upon graduation I came to the conclusion that my heart beats for creation and that this field is my calling.

HSS: You have about three types of creations: modern portraiture paintings, paintings featuring old calligraphy patterns and 3D fantasy structures, and also the black & white illustrative paintings. Which one was the first that you started to build on? Also, can you please talk a little bit about the evolution of your artistic style and career?

VS: The drawings and illustrative type of creations were the ones that came first. These had been existing in my imagination continuously and when the time was right I put them on canvas. I have started creating the paintings with calligraphy patterns and old letters only in the last few years, but these mean a complete new area in my artistic portfolio. It was a very exciting process to convert old handwriting style into a painting while I have developed a new technical method to create them. It was always my dream to come up with something unique that until now has not existed. And finally my paintings with structures are the evolution of both fields – and here I had the motivation to apply a certain technique that results in something that is not what it seems to be at first glance. Actually many people think at first that these creations are made of metal and when I show them the backside of the picture, only then is the canvas visible.

HSS:  What inspires you as an artist and designer?

VS: I can draw inspiration from a lot of different things, but if I have to highlight the most important areas then they are definitely nature, natural formations, floral structures, and minerals. Also fashion, accessories, jewels and other metallic and shiny creations can be a source of inspiration for me.

HSS: What do you think of the internet and social media as an artist and designer? 

VS: I think the internet and social media is a great platform for an artist or designer to introduce and showcase his / her creations. If it resonates with the taste of a few people, there is a good chance that it will reach a wider audience in a much shorter time than it used to be the case. Obviously, one has to invest time and effort into this ‘new’ type of marketing activity to reach the objectives, but in general the internet makes the information flow much easier and faster, also in my case.

HSS: Do you have a dream in terms of what else would you like to achieve in your life?

VS: My dream is to be able to exhibit in galleries worldwide and that I can call popular fellow artists my friends.

HSS: What do you consider as one of your major achievements so far as an artist?

VS: It is a difficult question, but perhaps the fact that I can do what I love to do as I do not consider my activity as a job. And I am also very happy about the fact that my artworks adorn the homes of many people. It is truly a fantastic feeling that my clients are happy with my paintings and creations. ♦

The versatile message and mystical charisma of Viktoria’s artworks make her portfolio unique. Thanks to her customer-focused mindset by offering customization services and custom-tailored designs for a perfect fit into a given space, she is able to satisfy a wide range of requests. In addition to her creative and artistic talent, Viktoria is also a visionary and has very exciting plans for the future, so stay tuned for more!

For more information please visit Viktoria Solthy’s website or join her community page on Facebook.

Source of images: Viktoria Solthy’s courtesy.

Viktoria_Solthy_2_Lena Viktoria_Solthy_3 Viktoria_Solthy_4 Viktoria_Solthy_5 Viktoria_Solthy_6 Viktoria_Solthy_7 Viktoria_Solthy_8 Viktoria_Solthy_9 Viktoria_Solthy_10 Viktoria_Solthy_11 Viktoria_Solthy_12 Viktoria_Solthy_13 Viktoria_Solthy_14


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