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Sensual Appearance For Memorable Events


Just a few decades ago it would have been inconceivable to have a proper family without actually getting married. Women who had children without an official husband faced severe problems within the society. Luckily, this has changed a lot and the former stiff rules of society have loosened up. Nevertheless, the desire to walk down the aisle and to get married like a prince or a princess is still deeply rooted in most people’s minds.

Wedding celebrations usually follow traditional and cultural patterns. Most definitely one of the highlights at every wedding is always the bride and her gown. The entire event takes weeks and months to organize, although with the help of professionals many things can be ‘outsourced’ to wedding planners and event management companies. However, the actual appearance is something that the bridal pair and invited guests will definitely spend some time thinking about. There is always something magical about a wedding party, especially when everybody looks flattering in their own ways.

One of Hungary’s most well-known and exclusive fashion brands is Daalarna Couture. It specializes in bridal and evening gowns for ladies, suits and wedding outfits for gents as well as for children alike. Founded in 2002 by a mother of three, Anita Benes managed to establish her brand and make a name for herself in this exquisite segment. In addition to developing new collections for every season, Daalarna Couture prides itself on designing and creating custom-tailored bridal and evening gowns. Everyone who decides to have her gown designed and made at Daalarna Couture will be advised during a series of personal meetings with the designer – from the first ‘get-to-know’ meeting on to the first paper sketches, until the last fitting to ensure a perfect result.

After 11 successful years on the Hungarian market, Dalaarna Couture was recently introduced internationally, too when the brand attended the most important events, Sposa Italia Collezioni in Milan in May 2013 as well as the New York Bridal Fashion Week a few weeks ago in October 2013.

“Our international introduction was very successful and our collections received excellent reviews by the industry as well as by the press. To my surprise, beside our classical collections, our not so traditional gowns also raised high interest.  However, I am aware of the fact that we still have a lot to do to become a well-known player on the international bridal fashion market.” – says Anita Benes, who is a true inspiration for many and a power woman of our days as to how perfectly she masters the balance between her family and her company.

Daalarna’s mission is to emphasize the most feminine and sensual side of her clients by designing gowns in line with her clients’ personalities and based on the message they would like to transmit with their appearance. Daarlarna Couture uses only high-quality silk, satin and lace materials sourced from Italy, France and England to achieve the perfect mixture of sensual femininity and timeless elegance while providing its services at very competitive price levels.

The brand also offers a helping hand in designing the perfect pair of shoes and accessories that complement gowns seamlessly. Throughout the years the company has built an extensive network of different service providers. Daalarna Couture could also be considered as a one-stop-shop ensuring that one of the most important days in one’s life will be a perfect one, too.

For more information about Daalarna Couture, please visit the website. Daalarna Couture keeps in touch with their fans via two Facebook community pages – one in Hungarian (Facebook HU) and the other one in English (Facebook EN).

Source of images: courtesy of Daalarna.

Daalarna_2 Daalarna_3 Daalarna_4 Daalarna_5 Daalarna_6 Daalarna_7 Daalarna_8 Daalarna_9 Daalarna_10 Daalarna_11 Daalarna_12 Daalarna_13 Daalarna_14_Anita_Benes


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