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Functional Can Be Stylish. – Jurekka


We all know the fact: one just cannot have enough accessories. However, it becomes a bit tricky when looking for the perfect cover for our most treasured electric companions such as computers, tablets or smart phones: the cover should be stylish enough but also suitable to protect these devices.

Emerging Hungarian leather goods accessories brand Jurekka specializes in creating leather accessories exclusively for our daily communication equipment. The brand combines minimalist style with functionality and adds some color or different unexpected details while having mainly Apple users in mind during the creation phase.

Founded by Judit Járadi and Réka Halmai, Jurekka’s debut was in March 2012 at the Gombold Ujra! Event (in English: Re-Button It!) with their first collection of laptop accessories inspired by Székler architecture motives. Since then Jurekka has successfully introduced the brand on the Hungarian market and is working hard to live up to the high expectations of its clients.

“The most important principles that we keep in mind are value and style when designing our bags. We always seek balance between quality and price in order to create something that spices up your look but remains affordable. Our bags are designed for urbanists who are up to date with the trends and would like to personalize their style with quality designer accessories.”

For the current Fall-Winter 2013 Tied collection, designers drew inspiration from one of the most important male accessories: the tie. Pieces of the Tied collection are mostly black, some items have been spiced up with tie shaped details and ice-blue color that attract immediate attention and are popular among trendsetters.

A sneak peek to the Spring – Summer 2014 collection is absolutely worth it as gentle pastel colors applied on the accessories bring out the sun immediately and makes us long for an ice cream. The SS14 ‘New School’ collection is a reinterpretation of so-called old school bags to fit our current times.

“The brand new [SS 2014] collection of Jurekka brings you back to the 90’s, when bright colors, shiny details and cubic shapes dominated the catwalks. Our designers were school pupils that time and when making this collection they were inspired by the school bag design of this period.”

The brand attaches great importance not only to style and functionality of the design but also to using only high-quality genuine leather and metal accessories that provide a distinct appearance. Most of the creations are slightly padded for extra protection. Jurekka collections are handmade exclusively in Hungarian ateliers.

In my postings I usually comment only on the featured collections, however this time I would like to state that from a branding expert’s perspective my conclusion is the following: Jurekka definitely walks the talk and has managed to create a brand universe that seems to be right on the spot from A to Z in its category. Design, branding, visual communication, press relations, and online presence are well aligned and appear to be in harmony. In case of a premium brand, laying a coherent foundation is crucial for the future brand building process and ultimately for a commercial success, too. Bravo Jurekka!

For more information please visit their website or online shop. To receive regular updates please join their Facebook community.

Source of images: courtesy of Jurekka.

Jurekka_2_FW2013_Tied Jurekka_3_FW2013_Tied Jurekka_4_FW2013_Tied Jurekka_5_FW2013_Tied Jurekka_6_FW2013_Tied Jurekka_7_FW2013_Tied Jurekka_8_SS2014_NewSchool Jurekka_9_SS2014_NewSchool Jurekka_10_SS2014_NewSchool Jurekka_11_SS2014_NewSchool


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