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Blub, Floaty, Flambeau: All Made Of Concrete

ABConcrete_Design_1For a long time concrete as a material had been used exclusively for building edgy and massive outdoor elements that usually appeared somewhat rigid and uninviting. Well, this building material used to be in the category ‘tolerated but necessary‘ from a design and aesthetic point of view. Luckily, this situation has been changing and nicely designed, welcoming concrete elements are finding their ways into our everyday lives – indoors and outdoors alike.

Founded by Anita Boldog, a Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design graduate, the Budapest based AB Concrete Design studio has committed itself to this light gray colored element. Given the designer’s restless curiosity and drive, Anita constantly comes up with new ways of using concrete and she has created a remarkable portfolio since 2012.

Probably the biggest and heaviest exemplars by the design studio are the floating concrete pebbles – called Floaty Concrete – that seem to be just perfect to chill out on in the summer. These floating pebbles are constructed in a way that enables bathers and sunbathers to lay or sit on the stone comfortably for a period of time. Pebbles are fixed to the bottom of the lake or river so they will not swim too far. Another outdoor application of concrete elements by the AB Concrete Design team is the Floaty Flambeau that serves as a huge candle in the water and it immediately lends a special atmosphere wherever it is lit: the flame and its reflection on the water surface will be an eye-catcher and an ambiance enhancer at once.

While making sure that these designs are also finalized, make it to the market and are commercially available to interested clients, Anita keeps developing new concepts – also for indoors. The Wood-Concrete Stool is a perfect mixture of concrete and wood. The result of the unusual wood and concrete pairing is a very cozy and lovable stool that has the potential to be the reason for a family fight, which family member shall actually sit on it – therefore it is recommended to buy a few of these, just in case.

The other very unique proposition by AB Concrete Design is ‘Concretediction’: shelves and wall hangers manufactured in a way that definitely makes the viewer look twice and want to touch the object immediately. The perfect illusion was achieved by using plastic bags during the cradling process that lets the concrete shape itself and it ends up looking very soft. The metal parts were also inserted during this phase and so they are a perfect fit.

In addition to bigger and larger pieces there are also smaller items available by AB Concrete Design such as a collection of cute candle holders ‘Blub’ as well as the picture frames ‘Cube Frame’ that definitely will hold and show your best kept photos in style for years to come.

It is obvious that Anita, a porcelain designer by profession, is on a mission by contributing to a change in general perception how concrete has been viewed for a long time. “Her aim is to show people that concrete has a lot more ways to be used other than architectural purposes only. She sees unlimited amount of possibilities to use this material in terms of shapes, colours and functions.”

For more information please visit the website and for regular updates, you are invited to join their Facebook page. AB Concrete Design also showcases it portfolio on Behance.

Source of images: courtesy of AB Concrete Design.

ABConcrete_Design_2_Floaty ABConcrete_Design_3_Floaty ABConcrete_Design_4_Flambeau ABConcrete_Design_5_Stool ABConcrete_Design_6_Concretediction ABConcrete_Design_7_Blub ABConcrete_Design_8_CubeFrame ABConcrete_Design_9_Luminoconcrete ABConcrete_Design_10_Concrete_Plant_Holders



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