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Little Ones Cannot Blow Their Noses


After a hot summer colder and wet days became normal again. This season brings us a lot of joy for example with preparation for the Christmas period, however some germs also prefer this cold & wet season and give us some headaches. Seasonal flu and cold affect adults and children alike. While most of us know what to do about stuffed nose, small children just do not have the muscles to clean theirs yet. If their respiratory tracts are blocked, they have a hard time eating, sleeping and breathing that prolongs healing phase and it can lead to further infections, too.

Using vacuum cleaners and ‘hijacking’ other objects for this purpose became reality in many families. However, a lot of children are not very fond of current options and with time some of them even develop anxiety due to the loud noise of these chunky machines, let alone the fact what remains of the secretion in the vacuum cleaner pipe can lead to.

Walter Streitmann and Zsolt Mátrabérci, two young fathers from Pécs (south of Hungary) with own toddlers and small children had enough of the farce. They have set their minds on finding the ideal solution for children and parents alike. Developed and perfected for about two years, Nosiboo Nasal Aspirator had its debut last summer: the final product is a highly efficient, adjustable and wonderfully designed baby-friendly device that kids seem to love, because it looks like a toy and from a certain age they can easily operate it, too. Reaction of the market to this new development was amazing and certainly many children and parents thought the same: Finally …!

Nosiboo technology is patented and the nasal aspirator comes with the following advantages: silent operation, BPA free outer shells and adjustable suction makes this device suitable for infants, toddlers and small children alike. Its user-friendly operation, easy-to-clean nature and child-friendly design will instantly turn an annoying situation into a pleasant and reasonable experience.

Engineers, medical experts and physicians have been involved throughout the entire development process to meet families’  expectations and to abide current regulations and international standards. For quality and safety reasons nasal aspiration devices by Nosiboo are exclusively assembled in Hungary consisting only parts manufactured in Europe. As Nosiboo is considered a medical device, the product was registered at the relevant EU authorities and it has been granted all necessary certificates required to lawful distribution within the European Union.

The company is currently in negotiations with potential distributors across Europe and is building up its retail network. In case you are looking for a gift for your relatives or friends with small children, Nosiboo will certainly be a perfect present this holiday season. Nosiboo Nasal Aspirator retails for about EUR 135.00 that seems to be an excellent value for money and it can be purchased online, too. 

For more information please visit the website or join their Facebook page for regular updates.

Source of images: courtesy of Nosiboo.

Nosiboo_2 Nosiboo_3 Nosiboo_4 Nosiboo_5 Nosiboo_6 Nosiboo_7 Nosiboo_8 Nosiboo_9 Nosiboo_10


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