Back Again.


After almost 14 months of continuous writing, end of November 2013 I decided to take some time off from the blog. There were some urgent client projects to finish and after that I wanted to give myself some space & time to recharge my batteries and to open new chapters in my life. This quiet but rather eventful period has been very rewarding and now I am motivated as well as inspired again to continue with HSS – where we left it a few weeks ago.

In the meantime some of you have contacted me with heartwarming mails and messages that I was truly touched by. Thank you very much for your care along with the excellent tips and ideas – I will definitely try to implement and / or feature most of them. Even though the year is already one month old, I would like to wish you much success and all the best for the upcoming months of 2014. Stay tuned for some exciting Hungarian brands to be featured – starting very soon.

Warm regards and enjoy some inspirational images,


Source of images: from our company inspiration board on Tumblr.

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4 thoughts on “Back Again.

  1. Hello Monika, welcome back again! Sometimes everyone needs to have some rest and stays behind the scene. I hope we’ll hear a lot of exciting hungarian success stories from You in the new year :-)

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