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Black Pearl Of Fashion: Mark Molnar


It was early last year when I came across the Mark Molnar brand for the first time and I could not take my eyes off the Fall / Winter 2013 collection. It was so perfect, so feminine, and so mysterious – well, so out there in the most positive sense of the expression. I instantly blamed myself for not having discovered the brand earlier. However, it was not ‘my fault’, as it was the first ever collection by Mark Molnar! A true explosion.

The luxury fashion brand was established in 2012 by the then 22 years young designer, who decided to leave his economic and marketing studies behind and to follow his real calling. He is the type of creator who learnt the trade secrets from scratch on his own. At one point in time as a teenager, Mark created a leather bag made out of his mother’s ready-to-be-disposed leather skirt that he took apart and sewn back together by hand. During his high school years he used to be probably the best customer at the local second-hand shop as he was constantly on the hunt for unique and quality pieces. When at home again, the future designer had analyzed cuts and sewing techniques applied to the picked up second-hand garments and he took note of every tiny detail. Mark’s mother – noticing her son’s passion – surprised him with a sewing machine so that he could learn and practice. This is how the career of the self-taught designer had started.

Mark has quickly developed a signature style that certainly does not fit into the style of the masses. Mark Molnar designs are for refined women with strong personalities; pieces are feminine, elegant, mysterious and sexy without being vulgar or showing much skin. His first two collections are dominated by black color that gives the brand another level of mysterious touch.

The label’s second collection for the upcoming spring & summer season is just as exciting and different as expected. The designer was inspired by the carefree and easy-going spirit of the summertime. The collection is a perfect mix of casual wear and feminine elegance that surprisingly includes a lot of men’s tailoring techniques. In terms of fabrics the designer chose different kinds of cotton such as soft linen, hard-wearing canvas as well as very soft viscose-cotton along with soft lambskin, suede, buffalo, and python skin leather. Accessories such as oversized clutches, shoppers, shoulder bags, backpacks and belts made of suede and python skin adorned with rabbit, swakara, musquash, and silver fox fur make the collection complete and unmistakably Mark Molnar.

Last year I had the chance to meet Mark personally and his creative vision and talent just blew me away. Since then we have been working together on a couple of projects and beside his kind and open personality, his strong will, precise expectations and plans for the future of his label are truly fascinating and inspiring. Given Mark’s fresh and different approach to fashion as well as his determination to detail and quality I predict a very bright future for this brand – and I am impatiently waiting to see what else he will be bedazzling us with hopefully very soon.

For more information about the brand please visit the website (SS14 collection will be online soon). To stay updated about the brand, please join its Facebook or Instagram community.

Source of images: courtesy of Mark Molnar. Credits: Photos by Balint Barna. Make-up by Kata Kertesz. Hair by Norbert Kozma. Model Dorina Peter represented by VM Model Budapest (Hungary).

Mark_Molnar_2_SS14 Mark_Molnar_3_SS14 Mark_Molnar_4_SS14 Mark_Molnar_5_SS14 Mark_Molnar_6_SS14 Mark_Molnar_7_SS14 Mark_Molnar_8_SS14 Mark_Molnar_9_SS14 Mark_Molnar_10_SS14 Mark_Molnar_11_SS14 Mark_Molnar_12_SS14 Mark_Molnar_13_SS14 Mark_Molnar_14_SS14Mark_Molnar_15


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