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Let There Be Light.


A large and ample interior space is just not complete without a statement luster that either attracts attention by its sheer size and design or it simply blends in elegantly. I can spend hours browsing through inspirational images that include chandeliers or spending time in a showroom while marveling at wonderful lighting creations that definitely change the entire atmosphere in any given living space.

Founded by architect and interior designer Janos Heder and designer Judit Zoltai in 2005, the Budapest based Hungarian label, Manooi is specialized in made-to-order crystal chandeliers, wall and floor lights for private homes, residential and corporate interior spaces. The company has been successfully growing and expanding since its foundation under the supervision of its founders.

“We believe that good design makes the world around us a more beautiful and harmonious place to live. We like working with crystal and light because together they create a special, magic aura.”

Every creation by Manooi is designed and manufactured by hand in the company’s own atelier in Budapest and is customized to clients’ dreams and expectations. Manooi prides itself on using only the best and highest quality raw materials that they combine with uncluttered, timeless shapes to create stunning collections of custom lighting.

“Crystal brings beauty, harmony, glamour and vigour to open spaces. It is a kaleidoscope, a positive source of light that scatters joy into people’s lives. Therefore, our exclusive, premium quality crystal chandeliers, wall lights and floor lights are more than just luminous bodies – they are points of reference in any space.”

Years of hard work and dedication resulted in numerous cooperations with architects and interior designers to create one of a kind light installations for the most demanding clients worldwide. Manooi has managed to establish its name and claim its place in the custom-manufactured luxury crystal lighting market space. The label enjoys a loyal client base that can hardly wait to see what new ideas the creative team will amaze them with next, as Manooi’s creations inspired by the natural light around us are just that: gorgeous.

For more information please visit their website. Regular updates and information about cooperations and exhibitions are posted on their Facebook community page.

Source of images: courtesy of Manooi.

Manooi_2_Arthall_Ozero Manooi_3_Salamander_Looop Manooi_4_FranckMuller_Ciel Manooi_5_Palace_Solaris Manooi_6_Icefall Manooi_7_MilkyWay Manooi_8_Vague Manooi_9_Rio Manooi_10_Rose Manooi_11_Iceberg Manooi_12_Founders


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