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Timeless Personal Companions By Codolagni


Codolagni Design Studio is a highlight in the Hungarian design furniture segment given its fresh and minimalist style. Codolagni’s mission is to create functional interior design objects and accessories that stand out thanks to their pure appearance and clean cut shapes as well as the impeccable finish of the final products.

Founded in 2010 by the Institute of Applied Arts (Sopron) graduate Gabor Kodolanyi and the engineer Katalin Halasz in Győr (west Hungary), the primary focus of the studio is designing contemporary objects for clients and to develop an own collection that is marketed under the brand-name Codolagni. Since 2012 Codolagni also manufactures its own designs and so it is able to control the entire process from the first design sketches to the assembly, making sure that the final quality fully meets the expectations.

Codolagni’s design credo is driven by aesthetics and the desire to create unique vibes in a given space with its signature objects. The designer team favors light and airy pieces, geometric and clean shapes, quality surfaces, and solid materials that jointly lead to unique, no-frills solutions, where the object embodies timeless beauty, noble simplicity, craftsmanship and functionality.

For more information about the Codolagni offering, please visit the website. The brand is occasionally exhibiting its portfolio at prestigious events in Hungary and abroad. For regular updates about news and exhibition dates, please join their Facebook community.

Source of images: courtesy of Codolagni Design Studio.

Codolagni_2_Avignon dressing_table Codolagni_3_Avignon dressing_table Codolagni_4_Ellips_ lamp Codolagni_5_Vé_wood_lamp Codolagni_6_Vé lamp Codolagni_7_Empure Desk Codolagni_8_Grass lamp Codolagni_9_Ring desk Codolagni_10_Ring deskCodolagni_11_Exer_Ring


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