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Lovely Handmade Magnetic Toys

Vavilo Kids_1

Started out as a spare time activity, in less than just four years Vavilo Kids has managed to get well-known in Hungary and now it is planning to cross the border to introduce its cute offering abroad, too. Lovely unique figures, made by hand out of nice-to-touch felt in different colors with embroidered characters or letters of the alphabet and with fine, flexible magnets attached to the back. They seem to be the perfect toys for small children who are currently discovering the world around them.

Figures by Vavilo Kids are small enough to carry around in mom’s handbag and to pull out anywhere to get engaged with kids, but are big enough to nicely fill a magnetic board at home when children get creative and come up with interesting story lines. With the help of these magnetic figures these stories can be made visible.

One of the many practical assets of these lovable magnetic characters is that they will not leave any scratch mark on the metallic background such as for example the fridge. Vavilo Kids also offers pre-painted magnetic boards that set the mood for a certain scenery. Another option is to use a special magnetic paint applied onto the wall where kids can play and the figures can be placed and moved around easily on the wall. The offer is huge and it covers almost all areas of life that kids love to discover such as the sea, dinosaurs, life in the forest or on the farm, street traffic with cars and trains, tale characters, letters and many more.

Vavilo Kids is a family owned business based in Kecskemet (about in the middle part of Hungary) and is the brainchild of a mother, who was not too happy with the toy selection she found in the stores for her child, thus she came up with the idea. With the help of word-of-mouth promotion her creations quickly found their ways to families as well as some opportunities have arisen to cooperate with a famous Hungarian tale writer such as Erika Bartos, author of the Berry and Dolly series or with Monika Horvath, illustrator of the Manka series. Thanks to the positive developments and the well-deserved publicity that every start-up company would highly welcome, the family business was able to enlarge its production capacity by purchasing larger sewing machines. Vavilo Kids is present in several toy stores in Hungary and is now ready to penetrate foreign markets by actively approaching potential retail partners.

For more information about Vavilo Kids, please visit the website that also includes an integrated online store. Furthermore, Vavilo Kids is present on Etsy, where you can read some great feedback from customers who love these products by praising its quality and craftsmanship. For regular updates about the next fairs or the newest products, please join the Vavilo Kids Facebook community.

Source of images: courtesy of Vavilo Kids.

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