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Lily: New Charming Collection By Endredi Design


Endredi Design was among the first companies I featured here at the beginning of HSS. I love going back to see how some of the introduced companies have been doing lately and so it was time to catch up with Noémi Endrédi, the founder of Endredi Design, who is a mother of two small girls. The reason for getting in touch again was her new, Art Déco inspired collection ‘Lily’ that might just become a bestseller (in my modest opinion).

HSS: Can you please introduce us your latest Art Déco collection ‘Lily’?

NE: The collection Lily is the result of my collaboration with Kata Komlósi from Curly Rooms Interiors. With the new collection our aim was to create a small ensemble that reminds us of the Art Déco style with its design and with some of its elements, and at the same time it has a contemporary, fresh and young appearance. The major pieces of the collection are comfortable chairs with exclusive silver and violet lining, silver-topped side tables, a three-wing make-up mirror with a pouf, and a dining chair set with shiny riveting.

We have redefined the original style of these pieces and created a collection that reflects prosperity and the love of art. We think the collection is very pleasant, contemporary and it fits into modern lifestyle trends. Our focus was mostly on pieces intended for the living and dining rooms. In terms of colors we went with rather understated ones such as silver, grey, and black, and added some violet shades.

Hungarian Success Stories (HSS): How would you describe the mission and the essence of your furniture design company?

Noémi Endrédi (NE): Based on my personal love for antique furniture, the mission of my company is the value preservation in general, as old furniture that are about to be discarded are still valuable and usable after all, they just need to be properly and professionally brushed up.  On the other hand, we would like to offer an option for those who are not really fond of antique furniture in its original state and for these clients we add a contemporary touch to these pieces that they will look good almost in any interior.

HSS: What are the core values that your business is based on?

NE: Our newly crafted furniture are made of solid wood only and we exclusively apply modern surface treatment techniques that ensure the longevity of our high quality products. As a design and aesthetic driven company, we are very committed to authenticity, sustainability, and to using only environment-friendly materials.

HSS: Can you please talk a bit about the type of clients who are interested in your designs in general?

NE: Our client range is very wide and I cannot break it down to age: younger, middle aged and elderly clients, all of them find something suitable for their tastes and likes at Endrédi Design. Geographically, of course our current and previous clients are mostly based in Hungary, but we already had orders from the USA and the UK, where we were able to deliver hand painted cabinets and chests of drawers with hand painted Hungarian patterns from Kalocsa.

HSS: What do you like most in your job as founder and managing director of Endredi Design?

NE: Honestly, I love everything about it. However, it is true that overall it can get very tough, and I can assure you that it was even harder at the beginning. As a mother of two with a full time job, I started building my company from scratch. This was actually one of my spare time activities years ago and now it is growing into something fascinating.

HSS: What are your future plans with your business?

NE: In the short term I would like to design and sell furniture as a full time job. I also envision a new building or at least a new showroom where we can exhibit our designs in an appropriate environment.

HSS: How do you cope with your threefold role as a mother of two, as a business owner and as a full-time employee in another job?

NE: Well it is not an easy task, but it is manageable. My main focus is to spend enough time with my children. As our weekdays are very busy, the weekends are fully dedicated to them. But in general I usually do my business development activities after the children are already in bed. It of course requires a lot of additional energy, but it is totally worth it and it is very rewarding.

HSS: What are your suggestions to women who are just about to start their own businesses?

NE: My suggestion is that they should be courageous and they should believe in their dreams. At the beginning I had absolutely no support and now within 1-2 years I am proud of the results I achieved so far. It is very important to have enough patience and to stick to the original concept, and I am very sure they will be successful.

HSS: Can you name a couple of ‚lessons learnt’ from your experience?

NE: It is not very easy to start your own business, but one thing is for sure, one should never give up. When you have the feeling that something is not working out the way you imagined, in that moment usually something good is going to happen, because perseverance and the lot of work will eventually pay off. This is my story, too. I love what I do and it makes me happy. Although, it is important to mention, that there are no wonders: we have to do something – well, actually a lot – to be successful.

I can only recommended to walk around with an open mind, because this is the only way to see and grab the opportunities that will take us to the next level. I have three degrees and furniture design is not one of them. My career path started in the area of music and pedagogy. I am an observer and I dare to transform furniture pieces in a way that touches people’s hearts. Admittedly, sometimes they are terrified at first by my ‘radical’ ideas, but at the end they love the unique results.

What I have also learnt is that occasionally I have put my personal preferences to the side. Although, together with my clients, we always find new ways to create something unique that makes my clients very satisfied about the final product and I can also be proud of these new creations as at the end my signature is also on these pieces.


For more information about Endredi Design, please visit the website or join the Facebook community for regular updates (both available in Hungarian only).

Source of images: courtesy of Endredi Design.

EndrediDesign_2_Lily EndrediDesign_3_Lily EndrediDesign_4_Lily EndrediDesign_5_Lily EndrediDesign_6_Lily


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