Revealing Best Kept Secrets

Have you ever wondered who actually reads this blog and what they are interested in the most? Well, this topic is very fascinating and although it was never my goal to get as many clicks as possible, I think that 100’000 hits since going live can surely be called a milestone. It seems to be the perfect occasion to share with you the so-called ‘best kept secrets’ that many online sites are very mystical about: the statistics.

Well, I am happy to disclose that today we reached 100k hits on Hungarian Success Stories and here you can see the evolution of the website traffic since end of September 2012:


A while ago I shared an overview on Facebook about where our readers are based at. Now here you can see the current Top 20 countries. White spots are definitely becoming less and less:


And here you can see the list with the most read articles:


The above statistics only refer to this site itself and do not include the site traffic of our Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Twitter accounts which come on top.

Now the only thing left to say is that I am incredibly honoured to spread the word about our fellow Hungarian citizens’ great concepts, initiatives, and businesses – wherever they might be living. Thank you so much for reading!


Any thoughts you would like to share?

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