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SiX By The Inspiration Theory


When passionate, innovative and open minded creatives get together wonderful results are usually guaranteed. This has been exactly the case with The Inspiration Theory, the brainchild of Tamas Olajos visual artist and Ferenc Csabay fashion designer at his own label CSF.

“The Inspiration Theory focuses on creating outstanding visual experiences – with the collaboration of talented artists.”

Since the foundation of The Inspiration Theory, a transmedial digital platform in 2011 the founders have already co-produced six projects – at the core of which we always find fashion. When shooting their sixth joint project last year in a stone pit outside of Budapest for the SS14 collection of the CSF label, everything seemed to work out perfectly: the weather, the lights, the colors, the model, the wind, and basically the entire ambience. It made the two talents go a step further and envisioned an image campaign in form of an interactive web experience that actively involves the viewer, too.

With this recent collaboration being the number sixth at The Inspiration Theory, the creators named their new project SiX that includes six short clips showing outfits from the CSF SS14 collection. As part of the experience, the clips stop in the middle of the course of the movie and the viewer has to do something on his / her screen to have the short movies to continue. The clips showcase Seeker in Part 1, Protection in Part 2 , Distance in Part 3 , Curiosity in Part 4 , Balance in Part 5 , and Tranquility in Part 6 .

The visual part of SiX was produced and directed by Tamas Olajos, and to make the project complete, Ginrin web design and development agency also joined the team, along with Imre Kiss music producer. All of them seemed to enjoy the challenge to the max, as this was definitely something different from their daily work routines – artistically as well as in terms of execution. The special, interactive fashion experience was first  shown to the public March 19, 2014 in Budapest at the Higgs Fields.

I totally love innovative experiences and fashion is absolutely a predestinated area to experiment with new ideas as it is so emotional and subjective, but also very crowded. Nowadays, for a designer it is not enough to design beautiful clothes, s/he also has to make sure to stand out with a striking presentation to grab not only the attention of his/her fans but also that of prospective clients as well as of the industry. Parts of the CSF SS14 collection are nicely wrapped and presented in SiX and it is very hard to put this production into a certain category given the great mixture of many genres such as fashion design, photography, videography, music, creative web design and interactive web development accompanied by custom electronic music. Personally, I enjoyed the experience very much, especially the interactive part as well the entire visual presentation. It is needless to say that I spent quite some time on the site checking out various details – is not it really what every site owner wishes for?

To watch the fashion movies please click here. As recommended by the creators the clips are best viewed on PC and / or Mac in Google Chrome browser (although it works well on my Safari, too). For regular updates about The Inspiration Theory, please join their Facebook community page.

Credits – Independent Production Company: The Inspiration Theory | Creative Director: Tamas Olajos | Art Director: Ferenc Csabay | Clothes: CSF | Music: Imre Kiss.

Webdesign: Ginrin, Art Director: Attila Sztankovics, Lead Developer: Laszlo Timari.

Stylist: Annamaria Madar | Model: Vella (Attractive) | Make-up: Julia Nagy | Hair: Atee Miller.

Source of images: courtesy of The Inspiration Theory.

SiX_2 SiX_3 SiX_4 SiX_5 SiX_6


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