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Customized Wooden Wall Coverings

Moko Interior_1

A new brand appeared on the horizon and it immediately catapulted on the Want List of many: it is Moko Interior, the vertical sculpture company. Instead of using wallpaper or tiles, embellishing your walls with customized handcrafted wooden panels is the new black at the high-end of the interior design scene.

Moko Interior looks back on decades of manufacturing and interior design experience. The company beautifully masters the mélange of design, style and craftsmanship. Beside several gorgeous collections, Moko Interior also provides a bespoke service, whereby it designs and manufactures personalized wooden panel wall coverings that will perfectly suit a given interior space.

“Our mission is to create beautiful, exclusive coverings for those clients who require a sensual, unique aesthetic experience in their home, hotel, retail or office space.”

Perfectly treated wooden panels in the right color and design will bring a lot of style, warmth and a special ambience into a living space and so it perfectly qualifies to be an eye-catcher in luxury homes and villas, elegant hotel suites, or basically anywhere where you want to set the stage for something extraordinary. In addition to the wooden panels, the design team at Moko Interior has been developing artificial leather cover panels to satisfy the needs of their discerning clients.

For more information about Moko Interior please visit the website or join their Facebook page for regular updates.

Source of images: courtesy of Moko Interior. Photos by Flashback Photo Studio.

Moko Interior_2_Montana Moko Interior_3_Calais Moko Interior_4_Alaska Moko Interior_5_Bondi Moko Interior_6_Dover Moko Interior_7_Tunguska Moko Interior_8_Shamaal Moko Interior_9


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