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New Freestyle Urban Scooter – GausWheel


Spring is finally here and summer is just around the corner, so it is highest time to check the news for the coolest means of transportation out there. And voilà, here we go: it is the new generation of GausWheels. After a few product development cycles I truly believe that the current edition of GausWheel Spirit totally has the potential to become ‘the flavor of the season’ and it also might attract some cult following.

But let us start at the beginning that dates back to the 80s, when architect Andras Gönczey had the idea on moving on one and a half wheels – well, sort of. So he has assembled the prototype made of a wheel of a traditional bike and that of a supermarket shopping cart. The look of the prototype obviously did not make anyone high, but he was able to convince a couple of people about its potential, which probably was not hard to see despite all.

Some years and countless development runs later Andras brought the professional product designer, Soma Ungar on board in 2001. And the brand GausWheel was born – Gaus is the composition of their initials (remember, in Hungary we write last name first, and first name last). The company started to promote and sell its first generation GausWheels and they have patented this Hungarian invention in Europe, the USA, and China, as well as in several other countries. Spirit, the latest edition of the GausWheel has a super cool look nicely fitting into an urban lifestyle and it just seems to be so much fun.

“The extreme scooter is made of high quality composite materials like carbon fiber and aluminium alloy. The Spirit is a light weight urban vehicle with a rim tire and is equipped with Tektro hydraulic brake system which is similar to Shimano, Avid, Formula, Hope, Magura disc brake systems. You can comfortably control the brake system with the brake handle which you can easily remove from the body of the vehicle using the quick release bolt fastener on the side. The experience of riding a GausWheel is very much like skiing similarly how skateboarding is similar to snowboarding. The Spirit is different from using a snowboard, as there is no binding or leash attached to the vehicle.” 

Are you ready to hit the slopes or the city streets this summer? This ultra-cool scooter can speed up to between 8 – 20 km/h, but in certain cases it can reach 30 km/h, too. Good news that GausWheels are available online for worldwide shipping, and retail prices start at EUR 179.00 for Spirit Stage1, while the top of the line scooter, Spirit Stage 3 Brake costs about EUR 349.00 (incl. shipping).

This organic shaped, environmentally friendly city scooter will definitely appeal to the younger crowd who likes to get quickly from A to B  in the city or sliding down the hills with friends (in this case some protective gear would be highly recommended). Another major advantage of the GausWheel is its light weight and that it can be taken anywhere indoors, so it will not need a dedicated parking spot.

For more information about the GausWheel, please visit their website or for regular updates please join their Facebook community.

Source of images: courtesy of GausWheel.

GausWheel_Spirit_2 GausWheel_Spirit_3 GausWheel_Spirit_4 GausWheel_Spirit_5 GausWheel_Spirit_6 GausWheel_Spirit_7 GausWheel_Spirit_8 GausWheel_Spirit_9 GausWheel_Spirit_10 GausWheel_Spirit_11



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