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Have The Stars Move Into Your Home


“Gazing at the stars has always enchanted people throughout the world. Stars make us dream, stars make us wish — we all love stars.”

Yes, indeed, we could not agree more: be it summer or winter, probably without exception we all look up countless times a day to have a look at the sky during daytime, while the starry skyline in the night makes us ask a lot of – more or less – philosophical questions. With the Starry Light Lamp creation by Anna Farkas, graphic designer and hobby astrologist and Miklos Batisz interior designer, we now have the opportunity to take the starry skyline into our homes and to gaze at the ceiling but now for a reason.

The two designers have developed Starry Light Lamp for almost one year with the intention to showcase it at the 2500 Watt exhibition in Budapest in 2011. The industry as well as future clients received the special creation so well that the designers decided to make it available to a wider audience. Every lamp is handmade by skilled craftsmen in Budapest based ateliers, allowing a high level of customization. The constellation lamp is equipped with a special source of LED light fixture providing different light intensity: a stronger but warm light downwards and ideal circumstances for the stars to appear on the walls through the tiny punctures of the the lamp.

Current collection comes in five different colors – matt white, glossy white, matt black, pearl violet, and pearl gold – and with four different start constellations, such as Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Autumn Equinox, and Winter Solstice of the Northern Hemisphere that one can choose from. In case someone would like a customized Starry Light Lamp showing a special star constellation at any given time, such as perhaps a birthday or an important life event, one can easily specify a geographical location along with an exact date in the webshop and the lamp will be customized to show the precise star constellation of that very day in a certain location anywhere in the world. Truly a wonderful idea!

( . . . and yes, international delivery is available.)

For more information please visit the Starry Light website and for regular updates join their Facebook community.

Source of images: courtesy of Starry Light Lamps.

StarryLightLamps_2 StarryLightLamps_3 StarryLightLamps_4 StarryLightLamps_5 StarryLightLamps_6 StarryLightLamps_7 StarryLightLamps_8 StarryLightLamps_9 StarryLightLamps_10 StarryLightLamps_11 StarryLightLamps_12 StarryLightLamps_13_Spring_Equinox StarryLightLamps_14_Summer_Solstice StarryLightLamps_15



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