Under The Spot Light With Flashback

Flashback_Photo_Studio_1Probably most of you will agree that our current times are heavily based on visual communication. Everybody seems to be a self-acclaimed photographer and when reading an article or updating your status on social media, it is very likely that at least one image is attached. Even quotes are bedded into a picture – admittedly, it is easier to digest and remember the message, if we have an image to connect it to. At least it definitely goes for people like me, who think in pictures and images.

Professional photographers are truly challenged nowadays, as it is tough to stick out of the crowd in this noisy, image-loaded visual and virtual world. These circumstances raise the bar even higher for branding specialists, advertisers, and marketers: because at one point you will get no further without a professional photo series and unless you are an insider, it is not easy to find a great full-scale service provider. The reason might also be that in my experience, professional photographers are usually lone warriors and they like to have the fame – once achieved – for themselves.

In 1996 a company called Flashback Photo Studio took a different approach and decided to join forces and to exploit their business potential to the max on the long run. Founded by four long time university friends – Zoltán Boldizsár, András Tulok, Csaba Barbay, Csaba Villányi – today Flashback Photo Studio is a well-respected and market leading establishment in the premium and high-end commercial photography segment in Hungary as well as it is a sought after partner to international clients.

Located in the 3rd district of Budapest in a former textile factory that is today a listed building, Flashback Photo Studio became an important catalyzer and a source for visual inspiration for many successful Hungarian brands and companies who regularly return for their seasonal shootings, photo and image film productions. The photo studio offers a wide range of services on a recently renovated space of approx. 1500 square meters.

The company prides itself on working on high-quality visual and professional concepts, and fulfills professional requests to the highest technical and aesthetic standards. Currently, five professional photographers supported by a group of photo assistants, photo agents and a production crew offer their services in the areas of fashion, interior & exterior photography, people & lifestyle photography, advertising, film productions, and so on.

The post-production service including digital assistance, scanning, retouching, editing, exhibition printing and archiving is also an important business area whereby Flashback creative staff cooperates with and supports other leading photographers and artists. This is a field where Flachback Photo Studio is able to exploit its unique position in the market by exactly understanding the expectations of the photographer and the artist as well as his / her client, and proves to be a reliable partner by always finding the right solutions for individual needs.

In addition to their own professional photography services, Flashback Photo Studio also provides its space and technical equipment for international shootings and to film productions. It has already hosted internationally acknowledged movie and production companies, including ‘The Rite’ with Anthony Hopkins, ‘The Borgias’ with Jeremy Irons, the Angelina Jolie cover shoot for Newsweek magazine with Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello – just mention a couple.

Flashback Photo Studio has access to a vast network of professionals such as stylists, make-up & hair artists, model agencies, etc. should a client require further assistance. Over the last two decades, the company has fulfilled a large number of requests for brands, famous advertising and communication agencies alike. Given its large and easily transformable spaces, the photo studio is now moving into the event management segment and offers its location and professional services for press conferences, weddings, private and corporate parties, too.

The real differentiator of Flashback Photo Studio however lies in its community spirit, its inclusive character and long-term thinking. Long before trendy start-up companies offered hangout spaces and relaxing areas to their employees, the founders envisioned and created a workplace for themselves that can be truly called as their second home. In addition to this, owners of Flashback Photo Studio offer internships to young, talented photographers to further develop their skills and to ensure that the next generation is looked after.

Now, 19 years later, this business philosophy seemed to work out very well – even though the economic climate was not always in their favor. While Flashback Photo Studio markets its services bundled, it also gives the freedom to its photographers to make a name for themselves one-by-one by fostering and promoting their individual potentials: a great example of One for all and all for one.

For more information about Flashback Photo Studio please visit their newly launched website and join their Facebook page for regular updates.

Source of images: courtesy of Flashback Photo Studio.

Flashback_Photo_Studio_2 Flashback_Photo_Studio_3 Flashback_Photo_Studio_4 Flashback_Photo_Studio_5 Flashback_Photo_Studio_6 Flashback_Photo_Studio_7 Flashback_Photo_Studio_8_Equipment Flashback_Photo_Studio_9_Events Flashback_Photo_Studio_10_Events Flashback_Photo_Studio_11_Events

Following a small selection from the photographers’ portfolio

Csaba Barbay (Objects, Interior, Food, Lifestyle):

Flashback_Photo_Studio_12_CsabaBarbay Flashback_Photo_Studio_13_CsabaBarbay

György Karolyi (Fashion, Objects):

Flashback_Photo_Studio_14_GyorgyKarolyi Flashback_Photo_Studio_15_GyorgyKarolyi

Balazs Mate (Fashion):

Flashback_Photo_Studio_16_BalazsMate Flashback_Photo_Studio_17_BalazsMate

Andras Tulok (Advertisement, Object, Interior, Food):

Flashback_Photo_Studio_18_AndrasTulok Flashback_Photo_Studio_19_AndrasTulok

Csaba Villanyi (Interiors, Portrait, Object):

Flashback_Photo_Studio_20_CsabaVillanyi Flashback_Photo_Studio_21_CsabaVillanyi


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