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Barbara Palvin – On The List Of ‘Money Girls’

Barbara Palvin, Hungarian model from Budapest, was discovered by a scout on the streets of Budapest at a young age of 13 in 2006. Until then her hobbies were singing and playing football. Obviously, Barbara’s life changed a tiny bit since and now she is in the Top 25 of ‘Money Girls’ worldwide according to ‘Money Girls’ ranks models with the highest salaries in the business.

Barbara started her career in Asia and her debut in Europe was with Prada in 2010. Since then she run for Louis Vuitton, Armani, Miu Miu, Nina Ricci, Emanuel Ungaro, Vivienne Westwood, Chanel, etc. Despite her young age she is one of the favorites of famous brands. Barbara really has an interesting, exquisite face and according to Miranda Almon (Editor of British Vogue) she is kind of a cross of young Brook Shields and Natalia Vodianova. Natalia is one of Barbara’s favorite models, too.

Her height is the only tiny ‘flaw’ she has in the tough model business (if we can talk about any flaws at all . . .), as she is just a bit shorter than the ‘model-average’. However, this does not seem to be a problem at all to make her dream come true – thanks to her beautiful ‘baby-face’ that embellishes e.g. Calvin Klein ‘Forbidden Euphoria’ perfume or Chanel ‘Le Blanc’ ad campaigns and several others.

To me her appearance has something very magical, innocent, and feminine. Just beautiful.

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Barbara has just started her official fan page on Facebook a couple of days ago. You’ll find it here: Barbara Palvin Official Site.

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