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Cherish The Good And Defeat The Bad In Style

Marbushka, the Hungarian toy manufactory, does not only talk to our aesthetic senses, but also to our inner child. Oh My God. I wish Marbushka would have existed a couple of decades ago . . . Beautifully designed parlor games and toys, lovingly packaged board games and puzzles, stylish accessories you might need when playing, such as mugs for boys & girls or best friends pin badges. Sweet ideas and an imaginative world that only a child can have, embedded into the carefully conceived Marbushka concept will make a family evening perfect.

Beatrix Bohony and Laszlo Zold (wife and husband) both formerly active in the field of graphic design and fashion photography, have not found the right toys on the market for their daughter, Bojana. They were faced with a big selection of low quality toys and this was definitely not good enough for Beatrix and Laszlo, who firmly believe that children’s aesthetic senses are formed by toys that surround them during their formative years. Not only the look & feel of toys available on the market was a downer to them, but they were not satisfied with the themes and concepts either.

And so Beatrix started to dream up game figures, characters and stories. She visualized and developed them further based on Bojana’s honest feedback (and we all know what an honest feedback from a child can be like . . .). Piece by piece an entire collection of games and toys were available. As the feedback they have received from friends & family was so overwhelming, about two years ago Beatrix and Laszlo have decided to focus exclusively on developing toys and games. Marbushka was born. Since then their toy manufactory was completely overrun by inquiries from all over the world and their visually pleasing concept has been awarded several times.

Beatrix is the creative head at Marbushka and Bojana is her biggest critic, while Laszlo is responsible for running the business and making sure that there is always enough stock to satisfy the ever growing demand. Marbushka collection is handmade in Hungary. Only environment-friendly, sustainable materials, such as paper, wood, water based paint, etc. are being used to produce the Marbushka collection.  All games can be played and finished in 15-35 minutes, respecting the fact that children cannot and will not play one game for hours.

What I also love about Marbushka, besides its lovely iconic designs and natural materials, is that it embraces team spirit. Marbushka games are not about someone being the winner, but it’s about the team: only as a team can you win or lose it all. What a nice change to prevalent ego-boosting concepts surrounding us nowadays.

But be warned – Marbushka is not making it easy on you: selecting just one game is very tough! They all look sweet & fabulous and suddenly you hear them calling your name . . .

For more information please visit the website and the Facebook page.

Souce of images: courtesy of Marbushka.


2 thoughts on “Cherish The Good And Defeat The Bad In Style

    • Aren’t they? This is exactly what I said to Beatrix, too – I wish I could have grown up with her designs, games & toys. I’m also tempting to get one or two of these games, but cannot decide!! love them all… Thanks for stopping by Violet :) happy cruising on Marbushka. :)

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