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Je Suis Belle

Nomen est Omen – what else can I really say . . .

Je Suis Belle, the Budapest based fashion label, definitely makes a strong statement by putting its name on the table. It also raises expectations and makes one curious, what and most importantly who is behind the brand. As it is well known, tastes and preferences are different (and it is good so), but I was positively surprised when I came across Je Suis Belle. For some reason, I have imagined their style to be secretive, rather traditional and full of rich details. But Je Suis Belle is totally the opposite and in my opinion very refreshing and different, too.

“Our muse is profoundly interested in her surroundings as well as in herself. She is creative, embraces her talent, witty and cool. We believe that anyone who wears our clothes becomes part of our world and through her personality she shapes our world equally.

We develop our collections using a complex system of references: our pieces always reflect the current social and cultural changes. Consistent quality is our core value, clothes lack unnecessary details: they are straightforward and communicative. Our philosophy is that fashion is not a privilege but a fundamental part of everyday life, beyond comfort and wearability it’s an important tool for building one’s uniqueness.”

Je Suis Belle was founded by Dalma Devenyi and Tibor Kiss in 2005. Since then the label grew into a fashion house and now it is a leading brand that plays a major role in shaping Hungary’s fashion scene. “Our concept is (and was from the very beginning) constantly collaborating with various branches of art especially with visual arts. We consider traditional techniques and giving contemporary frame to folk art as two of our main intellectual values.”

Besides its national success, Je Suis Belle was able to break into international markets, too. The label counts several famous celebrities on its client list.

Personally, I like their clean cuts, legère shapes and colors, of course :). Current A/W collection is full of pleasant autumn (indian summer) shades, like salmon, deep-fuchsia, raspberry, golden brown, etc. It is a “hilariously happy, vivid and optimistic collection” and there is a nice choice of rather warmer pieces along with some thinner ones that makes this collection complete and coherent.

For more information please visit Je Suis Belle website or their Facebook page.

Source of images: courtesy of Je Suis Belle.


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