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Colors, Colors, Colors – To Light Up Everyday Life

By now it is obvious that I have a faible for colorful designs, sleek forms & shapes and basically everything that is innovative and a bit different: be it totally new or a modern re-interpretation of traditional values. When I came across Andrea Hegedus’s glass textile designs, I was glued to the screen. I think her creations are just gorgeous: totally innovative and tastefully colorful.   L o v e   at first sight.

Andrea designs and produces exclusive, unique home textiles in small series – from curtains, draperies, bed covers, pillow cases to hand-knotted carpets, wall-decors and glass textiles. Glass textile is an innovative mix of glass and textile that unites the benefits of both materials. Glass textile can be used as space divider, shower cabin, furniture cover, sliding door, lighting element cover, and the list is endless . . . In her private atelier, Andrea envisions and creates designs and glass textile elements based on her clients’ dreams, making sure that her creations are different each time and one does not  resemble another one. It’s needless to say that size and shape will follow customers’ preferences.

After her creative studies in Budapest, Andrea spent some time in Switzerland and France where she had the opportunity to work with the best creators of the industry. Upon returning to Hungary, Andrea founded her private atelier and design studio. Since then she is constantly invited to the most prestigious exhibitions worldwide and won several awards with her innovative designs. Andrea was able to show her latest designs at the ‘100% design‘ in London, where potential clients were also amazed by her wonderful creations.

For more information please visit the website or Andrea’s Facebook page.

Source of images: Andrea Hegedus’ courtesy.


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