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We Are Unique, You Are Unique – Vayaro


“What else could be the purpose of our existence than adding to what we were originally given. Beauty is the quality of love. Prudence is the energy of attention. If we leave a footprint here in the world, we are surely on the good way.” – Vayaro 

In today’s world customers appreciate products and services with inspiring stories to tell. At the end we never just purchase one product but we buy into the world that is behind the product. The whole experience helps us to get closer to the creator and in turn we let them be part of our everyday lives or our special occasions. The California-based Vayaro is definitely one of these brands that we build up a special relationship with when we enter their world.

Kay Roy and Csaba Czuczka, both former architects are the creative heads behind Vayaro, while Gábor Vonyó, formerly an investment banker and journalist, manages the brand. Kay Roy was born in Marosvásárhely (Transylvania) into a family with long ancestor line of artists. He recognized early on that he not only had interest in the artistic field but also inherited creative talent. At the age of six he was into martial arts and some time later he also started to paint as well as he learnt the trade secrets of creating accessories made of high quality leather.

These early experiences laid the ground to an idea years later, by giving Kay Roy’s leather art creations a special environment. He walked into Gábor’s exclusive restaurant in Budapest, wanting to showcase his early designs to raise the attention of discerning customers. Obviously, the leather designs did speak for themselves as the two have teamed up and decided to launch the new brand Vayaro in sunny California – together with Csaba on board. Today, Vayaro stands for unique leather accessory designs, including briefcases, bags, bracelets, guitar cases and tech-accessories as well as it houses the Vayaro Photography business, Kay Roy’s other passion that he shares with András Drass.

Vayaro leather art designs are bold & expressive, and they resonate very well with strong, charismatic personalities. Therefore launching the brand in California – home to many well-known actors and musicians – was an excellent decision that has already paid off, as Vayaro counts Lenny Kravitz, Slayer, ZZ Top, Robert de Niro, Will Smith, Cameron Diaz, etc. among its clients. Materials used are of highest quality and combination of leather with semi precious stones, wood and other natural materials are truly unique. Beside the message Vayaro designs convey and their meticulous craftsmanship, products are also highly functional. Given their unique appearance and the strength they embody, Vayaro products are meant to hold on and be stylish for a long time. The brand partners with a Hungarian atelier, where the products are made, closely following the vision and spirit of the Vayaro creatives.

Kay Roy’s artistic world is also reflected in his paintings that are rich in details and colors. The artist guides us into a world full of emotions and respect, and in my point of view the artworks also show something extraterrestrial, that is hard to pinpoint or to formulate, but it is there. Colors, characters and scenery of the paintings are most of the times super sharp, however the viewer is given space to interpret the meaning and the message.

Vayaro leather art, paintings and photography unite in one world and complement each other very well. Founders’ determination, love of life, discipline and respect toward creativity and craftsmanship result in a one-of-a-kind world that Vayaro current and future clients are invited to be part of. Building the world of a brand is a longterm project, but from a client’s perspective it is always nice, when truly valuable concepts let themselves to be discovered as we all love to ‘hunt‘ and to find precious things for ourselves without being told what to like or what to want.

Leather accessories by Vayaro can be purchased in luxury boutiques in Las Vegas, in Beverly Hills as well as in the gGallery in Santa Monica, or by contacting the brand directly. To view the collection and for more information please visit the Vayaro website or the Facebook page.

Source of images: courtesy of Vayaro. Photos by Vayaro Photography.

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