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Spring And Summer 2013 With NUBU


Finally, spring is here, sun is out and every single living creature enjoys the sunshine and warm weather. Now, probably most of us in Europe appreciate the moment of placing our thick winter coats and cozy, warm sweaters into the deep end of the wardrobe and prefer to wear something light and airy. White color in the sun can be a bit blinding, but at this time of the year, it somehow appears so refreshing and liberating. …  and fortunately white & soft colors are omni-present in the current SS13 collection of NUBU.

“NUBU embodies the inner harmony of the sophisticated urban woman, combining comfort and function, minimalistic cuts, graceful femininity and ethereal elegance. The brand balances between the women’s self assured personality and charming demeanor.”

Founded in 2007 by Judit Garam and her brother Peter, the ultimate vision was to create a minimalist label characterized by clean cuts, soft colors and excellent quality. Judit has been in the fashion business for about 20 years, learnt the trade secrets of fashion on her own and simply by doing it, however she had been interested in dresses and textile from the very young age of ten. The design team expanded in 2011 when Adél Kovács and Anette Hajdú – Central St. Martin graduates – joined the brand.

NUBU creations are sold in limited quantities – only a few pieces per design – and are made by hand, typically only one person works on a piece of garment. The label does not design for a specific target group, and its creations resonate with clients from very different backgrounds – however, one thing connects them: they all seek for wearable and affordable designs made of high quality materials for everyday wear.

The Spring & Summer 2013 collection fits well into the minimalist NUBU world of feminine cuts and classic urban lifestyle, and this season’s designs are suitable for wearing them on sunny days in the thriving city or at the beach. Elegant pieces that are airy at the same time make garments comfortable to wear even when temperature will rise a lot higher. White complemented with soft colors such as beige, lavender and apricot generate a pleasant contrast to the few pieces in black, and the classic black & white combination is always highly welcome during the summer.

For more information please visit the NUBU website or their Facebook page.

NUBU designs are available internationally in the USA, China, Japan, The Netherlands, etc. as well as in Budapest at Mono Fashion – a store run by the Judit Garam offering a wide selection of up & coming Hungarian and foreign designer brands.

Source of images: courtesy of NUBU. Photos by Peter Hencz.

Nubu_2_SS13 Nubu_3_SS13 Nubu_4_SS13 Nubu_5_SS13 Nubu_6_SS13 Nubu_7_SS13 Nubu_8_SS13 Nubu_9_SS13


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