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World Class Navigation Solutions By NNG

Founded in 2004 in Budapest, Hungary, NNG Llc. – formerly known as Nav N Go – has grown to be a global leader on the navigation and GPS systems market with offices in Hungary, Switzerland, USA, Israel, India, Australia and China. It is only a question of time and this  successful navigation solution provider for the automotive, enterprise, wireless and personal navigation industries will conquer the Japanese and South-Korean markets, too. Recently, NNG was awarded with the Hungarian Innovation Grand Prize for its iGO Automotive software.

About two years after inception, NNG introduced its first international software called iGO My Way at the CeBIT trade fair in Hanover, Germany in March 2006 and two years later the company unveiled the first real 3D visualization software – iGO 8 – of the industry. Currently, NNG offers

  • iGO primo®, the flagship OEM product in the iGO Navigation range that combines simplicity of use with the most recent technological advances in features and functionality.
  • iGO amigo that is an easy to use, simple to learn navigation software. The software contains all essential navigation functions on a fresh, user-friendly interface built on a rock solid foundation.
  • And iGO 8 that remains at the forefront of GPS navigation engines. First introduced in 2008, iGO 8 has undergone continuous refinement and remains the gold standard in 3D navigation that does not require expensive hardware to achieve peak performance.

In the current World Finance 100, NNG is listed next to other well-known successful technological giants such as Apple, Sony, Google, Microsoft, etc. “Not many leading technology firms have emerged from Hungary, but navigation firm NNG is certainly bucking the trend. The Budapest-based company provides advanced and customisable GPS navigation solutions primarily to the auto industry, offering on-board, 3D navigation applications that incorporate connected features and a universal, online update portal. The core technology is based on the standard-setting iGO Navigation Engine, comprising innovative navigation software, fluid user interfaces, and related content and services to device manufacturers, auto makers, network operators, professional transport specialists and individual users globally. NNG continues to develop global markets for navigation solutions through Europe, Asia and the US.” [Source:]

NNG has co-operations with 26 automotive brands and it works with more than 150 business partners – device manufacturers, auto makers, network operators, and professional transport specialists – worldwide. NNG proprietary software solutions can be found in 26 car brands globally, and are available on navigation devices produced mainly through leading Tier 1 suppliers for OEMs, including Harman, Clarion, Pioneer, Johnson Controls and FUJITSU TEN.

Last year the company had over 20 million licenses installed worldwide and has about 400 employees. Thanks to strong growth in demand for navigation systems, the company plans to recruit about 60 more development experts by the end of 2013. “As a leading navigation solution provider, we are establishing new partnerships with Tier 1 suppliers in the automotive OEM industry. Seven out of the top ten auto brands have selected our Navigation Engine for their infotainment system. We have recorded significant results during the first half of this year [2012], with 80% of our business coming from the automotive industry,” – said Peter Balogh, founder and CEO of NNG. [Source:]

Currently, there is a lot of talk about how tough and uncompetitive the Hungarian economic environment seems to be, mainly due to high taxes and rather inefficient bureaucratic processes that admittedly tend to kill momentum. However, NNG and other recent great examples show (e.g. Prezi, LogMeIn, UStream, Leonar3do – just mention a few from the technology market) that our national inventive nature combined with a great idea, determination, hard work and some luck can get entrepreneurs far – even from Hungary … So, let’s go for it!

For more information please visit NNG’s website or iGo My Way Facebook page.

Source of images: courtesy of NNG.

NNG_2 NNG_3 NNG_4_Budapest NNG_5_Offices_In_The_World


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