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Advertise Effectively With Gravity R&D

Gravity_RD_1When it comes to any type of advertising, I wish for an intelligent solution that e.g. my TV automatically changes the channel  so that I do not have to hear nor see any advertising at all. Especially, on TV, on the radio and on the internet, it is so annoying to be constantly targeted with ads I sincerely do not care about. My hair is intact, I have no weird diseases, nor am I in the need of new glasses and the list is basically endless… My favorite button on the remote control is MUTE – I can find it even when asleep! Even though I am not interested in any of the products that are advertised on the mainstream media (because those products and services are usually of bad quality), I enjoy watching a couple of creative ads – not for the product they advertise, but for the artistic work or creative solution of the ad itself.

Obviously, my media service providers either have never heard of Gravity R&D, a Hungarian tech company offering solutions for delivering personalized ads, or they have adapted useless ad serving and recommendation engines. But there seem to be computer specialists, who thought the same with a huge advantage on their end: they can develop and code algorithms that can make a difference in user experience:  “Gravity – Rock Solid Recommendations is a fast-growing company that helps customers with its state-of-the-art recommendation solutions. These solutions enable Gravity’s customers to increase revenues by providing personalized recommendations to their current user base. Our goal at Gravity is to determine the best relationship between personal taste and other user group preferences through sophisticated mathematical algorithms, taking customers beyond the obvious to new discoveries. This results in additional sales and increased user satisfaction.”

Founded in 2007, Gravity R&D has grown to be a key player on the global market with offices in Budapest, Győr (Hungary), and San Jose, CA (USA). This highly promising and very successful Hungarian start-up has attracted investment capital from reputed Central European venture capitalists as well as investors from the Wall Street. The company is present across all channels and serves multiple platforms with adaptively learning algorithms, allowing client’s personalization system to automatically “get smarter” over time.

As with everything on the internet, all that counts are hits, click-throughs and user experience, “Gravity R&D’s robust, scalable, and flexible algorithms adatively profile your customers’ wants and needs with recommended products, services, and/or user experiences that fit individual personal tastes. Thus, our platform integrates with your existing systems to maximize revenue and click-throughs. Whether you are interested in customer acquisition, growth, or retention, Gravity R&D’s platform learns and improves with every single interaction” – explains the company  and states that a minimum of 1’000 recommendations and at least 100’000 users are desirable to be able to start exploiting the potential of Gravity R&D. But the real fun starts above this level.

I can only hope that this and similar solutions will be taking over soon, because it is better for advertisers and consumers alike to be satisfied on both ends. Until this will be reality and I only get to see the ads I really care for, well until then, I would love to have a smart TV or a smart computer that either eliminates hideous ads or switches the channel instantly, right when the ad break starts. Wish you all a great weekend! :)

For more information please visit Gravity R&D website or their Facebook page.

Source of images: courtesy of Gravity R&D.

Gravity_RD_2 Gravity_RD_3 Gravity_RD_4


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